Uncle Sam Tile

anjabeeSeptember 2, 2011

This is the one and only thing I got painted over the summer to add to my Uncle Sam collection! Painted on a large tile. It's a bit more antiqued than is showing up here. You know how I like my stuff to look old. ha

Design by Jan Coffey

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Nice! Did you use glass paint or regular acrylics?


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I remember you commenting that you were working on an Uncle Sam tile. He turned out really good. I'm loving seeing all the items you've been working on. (Of course, I'm hanging my head in shame because I've been so unproductive!)


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I just used regular acrylics and then sealed the crap out of it! lol You know me and my Uncle Sam obsession! lol This was actually a design for a pillow, but I have a big stack of tiles and thought...hmmmm. I know primitives are not everyone's taste, but I love em!

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Anj, I really like that you antiqued this US tile. It's pretty neat. Have you tried using enamel paints for painting on tile? Might keep you from having to do so many coats of varnish.JMO.....


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I haven't....just got the whim and used what I had on hand. I've never even tried any of the enamels. If I paint any more of these I will try em out!

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Hey pretty neaat!

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