Halloween pumpkins

luvstocraftSeptember 27, 2008

Just a cute little pattern I ran across. Plan to add a little sign below that says "Boo" or "Boo to you" and attach both to a wooden stake.

I cut these out and took them along on our motor home trip, like to have things to work on when we are not out running around. I had planned to gift them to my relatives, but since we had to shorten our trip due to a mechanical malfunction, I'll either share them with neighbors or maybe my "lunch bunch" friends.


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Luvs~ those are so cute. You know how I hate doing multiples....but you do them so well. All almost identical. I think they are going to look good on the stake with the little sign. Your family will be disappointed not to receive them, but some other lucky person will sure be happy. ha I'm so jealous once again of the cheeks you did. Mine just never look that good. What kind of brush do you use? Maybe that's part of my problem....although I'm sure it's just user error! ha Very good job as always. =) ~Anj

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I don't mind doing three or four at a time, got the paint out anyway and just go from one to the other! LOL I just use an old scruffy brush and dry brush the cheeks on. Sometimes they come out better than at other times! LOL

I pulled out all my Fall decorations today and decorated the front patio and the living/dining room. Just a few more details and it will be all done. Later I'll just add some Halloween things, and then take them away and leave the Fall ones our till Thanksgiving.


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Very cute! What kind of saw do you use?

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Hi Gracie, I use a scroll saw. I have two, one that was very inexpensive that uses both the plain and the pin type blades that I've had since the early 80's. And one of the more expensive ones that I bought with my last bonus check from work. Real woodworkers will probably shoot me for saying this, but the only real difference I notice is the noise level being less on the more expensive one. Most items can be cut with a #5 blade.

It is really fun once you try it and overcome the "fear factor" of the blade.

I just trace an outline onto the wood and go cut it out following the line just like you would if sewing on a sewing machine. The blade only cuts when you "push" the wood against the blade, so you can take your time and go as slowly as you need to.

I don't normally do much complicated cutting, mostly simple shapes, but let's say you want to cut out a wreath shape--then you would need to drill a small hole in the center of your wood piece and thread your blade through the hole in the wood then fasten it onto your saw. For this type of item, I always cut the inside first, then the outside lines.

I'm probably giving you waaay more information than you wanted, but I really want to encourage others to try it.

Wood prices have risen like everything else, but you can still get several projects out of a $4 or $5 board. (Or you can do like I do and have your neighbors save scrap lumber and old fence boards for you.)

Anj got a saw and recently started cutting out some wood pieces, so she might have some advice/suggestions from her experiences too. Be sure and ask if you have additional questions, okay?


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I can never remember, but I think my saw is a variable speed scroll saw. I like it cause I can change the speed. I turned it down super slow when I was first starting out and now I'm turning it up a little now that I'm more used to it. It has a guard on it so my hands get nowhere near the blade so it really is like using a sewing machine. My advice is always use safety glasses. I've had little pieces of wood flick up and hit me on my glasses and it protects your eyes from the dust too. It's fun! I am always looking for the next thing to cut out now. =) ~Anj

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Wish I had this for my front door. It is really cute, Luvs. I have a wonderful new scroll saw I received for Christmas 2006 - don't know how well it works since I haven't opened the box yet - yep, you heard me, Christmas 2006!! I told my husband I think I was really suppose to be a man because I love saws and sanders and drills. I would rather go shopping at the Home Depot anyday than to shop at the mall. When I tried my router for the first time I didn't know you were suppose to be afraid of it - I soon learned when the wood piece I was routing got thrown up against the wall - I think I was routing the wrong direction - didn't matter, I just kept trying.

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Hi PF, glad you came over here to find more projects posted. Not sure why we have both sides other than it lets them stay on here longer.

I love tools too. Couldn't live without my belt sander, I use it mostly to make old wood like the weathered fence boards from my neighbor, smooth enough to paint on. It's also great if I make something I don't like and just want to sand off the paint and start over! Yep, that does happen sometimes. ;o)

How could you not open your Christmas present from two years ago? You must already have another saw--or you've been painting on lots of other surfaces instead of doing wood cutouts.

I have to say that I love having both my saws set up close to each other. I use one for the thinner wood pieces and the other for the thicker ones and it saves lots of time and allows me to have different blades in each.

I've not mastered using a router. We have a small hand held one, and I have to say that it seems to go soooo fast and throws so much debris that it scares me. I think a stationery one that I could just run the edge of my board against would be easier to use. I do think routered edges look really nice on a shelf or wood plaque, but I can live without it. Sanding them until they are sort of rounded over works okay for me. LOL

I'll try to get busy so I can post more pics, I too hate it when it gets too slow on here. I am glad that there have been several new posters coming by.


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Your pumpkins r cute. I have painted a few things lately so will get pictures and post soon. Thanks for sharing.

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Thought you might like to see how these turned out when attached to a wooden stake and with the little Boo sign attached. Luvs

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Didn't think it could get any cuter, but it did!! ha Love the Boo! sign with it. Perfect. Your friends are gonna love it too. Hope you saved one for yourself. =) ~Anj

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Your pumpkins are super and then you added the sign! Way above super!

Like you, I like to do more than one of each project even if I am doing a project for myself. If it turns out OK then I have one to give or donate to a charity fund raiser. But most of the time I don't like to go back and paint the project again at a later date.

My DH is with you on the scroll saws, we just replaced our 15 yr old - one speed saw for a variable speed saw and he almost hates it. The only things he really likes are the goose neck light and the pressure foot. But he sure is turning out great new pieces for me to paint.

And HomeDepot is my fave shopping place, so many types of wood! From door skin to cedar and plexiglas - all great painting surfaces.

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Hi Pezabelle, Hmmm, I've never thought about painting on plexiglass. What kinds of projects do you do with it?

We do sort of get used to our equipment, don't we? I wanted that more expensive saw for many years, and now I know I could live without it just fine. I have a florescent light on each saw, but I didn't like the foot control. I know, I know, I'm strange. LOL

These little signs have made good gifts this year, everyone seems to think they are so cute. And since most of us have a housefull of stuff already, it is nice to get something that can be stored away after the holiday.


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