What's a decent size for a master bedroom?

kgsdJune 29, 2008

We have a small-ish house built in the 70s. Our master is currently about 27' x 13. We're thinking about bumping the master bathroom out into the bedroom by 2 or 3 feet.

It seems like there's a lot of wasted space in our bedroom - we already have a sitting area at one end and there's plenty of extra space. It doesn't feel too big or aynthing, but I'd love the extra space in the bathroom.

Would you say 24' x 13 is still a good size for a master bedromo?

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Many would consider it huge! But why are you concerned about what we think - it's your bedroom and your comfort (in the bathroom anyhow), and are you really so conscious of what strangers (or even neighbors) might think that you'd consider NOT doing something in your house based on that?

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Lucy, that's not it at all. It's just like any home improvement project - I'm trying to get opinions from people who've had a similar experience (in this case, possibly a bedroom that was too small) so I can learn from any possible mistakes. It's just like on the kitchen forum, where people ask, "do you like X appliance" or "do you like X layout" because they're trying to draw on the experience of others. These home improvement projects are too expensive to do over! :)

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I think you have plenty of room to give up 4 ft. To use this for a bath expansion sounds great. A bedroom 23 X 13 would be huge to me though. But it does depend upon what your vision is for a smaller room, furniture, closet space, etc. You mentioned having a sitting area in the bedroom? Is this something used a lot and not an option if going smaller? That would be the downside should the 4 ft loss eliminate such.

Perhaps post a layout. Many here love seeing what changes are being made and giving suggestions.

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Considering my master bedroom is barely 15x15, and my entire HOUSE is 25x50, it sounds like plenty of space! My bedroom is big enough for a queensize bed, two nightstands, a long low dresser and a tall dresser.

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24x13 is approximately twice the size of the master in our previous house, and we got along very nicely with that room, even with its weirdo layout (five doors and two windows, anyone?). Our current master bedroom is 12x16 and seems quite generous to me, but we don't go for the sitting-room-in-the-bedroom thing. We have a queen bed, two nightstands, two dressers (one smallish, one medium), a cedar chest, a big dog crate :-) and we could put a chair in as well if it would be used for anything but a place to accumulate stuff! There's still plenty of moving-around space, too, and it doesn't feel cramped despite about a third of the room being under a slanted ceiling. So you have more than enough room IMO, even if you want to keep a sitting area.

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I say bump away. We just enlarged our master bedroom. It's now about the size that your bedroom will be after you take the space for the master bath. Our bedroom is big enough to hold our king sized bed and large furniture and have room for sitting and even dancing.
You can even take more space from the bedroom if you need it in the bath.
(Our master bedroom had been 14' 6" x 10' 8". Empty space is wonderful!)

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OH This is so late but will add mt 2 Cents. I also say go for it!! When we had this MFH built for us I had the glamor bath lay out but did NOT allow the tub or linen closet to be built in and left the room empty because we have furniture to go in the spaces to use for linen and such. This is the first time since childhood that I have had a large bath and we just love it. Every one that has come over loves it too. Not that that part matters. We have only been here three weeks and still tweaking things around. Need to get the dust ruffle on the bottom of the old dresser to hide those plastic drawers. Can't find the metal clips that hold the rod,and I tried so hard to keep it all straight when moving.

YES there is a door in the master bath out to the back yard. We did this so we could easily let the pups out at night and back in again. Last house I had to walk all the way through the house and back to get to the back yard door. Dogs yard is right out that door.OH and before any one freaks having to go out masterbath door to outside. There are four outside doors on this house. Not in the plan just happened that way long story. LOL

There is only a shower. We do not use a tub and there is a tub in the guest bath if we need one. The shower is right behind the door going into the bathroom and toilet is just past the shower.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Forgot to say our master bedroom is 12 1/2 by 14 1/2. Very nice size for us. We had 14 by 16 once and it seemed huge. We have double bed three dressers, one very small, and a commode and buffet and small drop leaf table and a big trunk I use for window seat. Wall to wall furniture. NEED to purge.


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At our farm, our bedroom is about 13 x 14 and I think it's perfect. At our city house the bedroom is much larger. I don't know the exact dimensions--but it's probably something like 20x15---too much wasted space.

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kgsd ~ Go for it and do take before and after pictures, you'll be glad you did, just to see the difference.

Chris ~ I 'love' your bathroom.

Our bedroom is still in the process of being remodeled. We opened up the two tiny bedrooms making one room, which is now 8 1/2 x 23. Our little cottage is 23x25, and we are working on making it work for us. We are still in the process of decluttering and that's rough being a couple of pack rats. But we are making forward progress.


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For us, with a king size bed, 12' x 12' plus a closet works just fine.

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our is 10x11 with a queen. the bedroom is for sleeping so we don't need anymore space for it. 24 x 13 is the size of my rec (party) room!

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I am thrilled to have found this topic. Would anyone mind posting pictures of their bedrooms? I have a 13x14 and need a visual of how a king bed would fit?


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imsmiling, I was never able to get a photo of my 10.5 x 11.5 bedroom with a king bed. In most of our houses, you cannot get far enough away to get a photo of a small bedroom. A regular 35 mm lense just cannot do it.

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