Christmas in July/Aug.

luvstocraftAugust 6, 2008

Worked on a couple of Christmas projects. Nothing fancy, just an unfinished tray my neighbor brought over and an old piece of fence board that I thought I might as well do something with. The designs are adapted from a Laurie Speltz book. I am not a good photgrapher so am posting pics taken inside and outside to try to avoid so hopefully you can see the design in spite of the glare. Enjoy!


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How Adorable..I just love snowmen. Luvs, you are soooo talented, and I'm so jealous that you are disciplined to get something done for Christmas NOW. I always say I'm going to, but never do. I just love what you created!

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Luvs, you do such wonderful work, you should start a blog and sell your items, I am sure you would do well!

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Both projects are beautiful-I especially like the tray. Guess because blue is one of my favorite colors, You do beautiful work and I love the fat happy little snowmen! In these hot August days it is good to think about Christmas!I love these forums and if I let myself I could sit here all day in my pj's looking at beautiful things people create. Keep posting-you do such nice work!

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Glad you enjoyed seeing them. Slinkey, I am so slow about getting things done anymore and let myself get sidetracked so easily--if I don't start early, they won't get done!

Judith, I've never really sold much because I would drive myself crazy wanting each piece to be absolutely perfect! If someone was paying for it, I'd stress over every detail and that would take the fun out of it! LOL

Paintgirl, I know what you mean about the forums--and blogs and websites--so much wonderful stuff on here and I love getting to see it all. Have to limit myself too. Glad you liked my little snowmen, they were fun to do.


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Hey you...You have been a busy girl! I love the design you chose for the tray. Cute little snow family. Have you offered it back to your friend yet or are you gonna keep it now that it turned out so cute? ha
That red on black really pops on the board. My favorite color combination! Did you use your gold pen on that one? You bought the kind that PF recommended, didn't you? How did you like it? We used to use paint pens all the time when I was in college, but don't know why I didn't think of using them now until she posted. Would probably be great for lettering on some things.
Sorry, I've missed being here so I'm chatty chatty. Great job on both and I'm glad someone is getting to paint. =) ~Anj

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Hi there, Anj, good to see you on here. Have you been having some fun on your family vacation time? Sure hope so, and hope everyone is pitching in to help with meals, packing things to take, and laundry afterwards so you aren't having to do it all yourself.

I got my craft room organized pretty much so decided to do a bit of painting. Moved the little five drawer chest in there and put all my ribbons, laces, silk flowers etc. in it. Left the top drawer empty for stashing books and patterns I'm working on out of the way. I won't be able to lay things on top of it because it sits under the bar I hang laundry on as it comes out of the dryer. Should motivate me to get the laundry put in the closet faster though. LOL So now, with the exception of my fabric stash, I have all my craft stuff in one room again. Easier to find things when I want them that way.

These were easy to paint items, so I enjoyed doing them. I tried using some gold pens, but didn't think it showed up enough so I used the Americana champagne gold that PF recommended to us. I really like the color, not as brassy looking as some gold paints, but trying to get all my lines on straight and the same thickness was a bit difficult. My lines aren't perfect, but that adds to the handpainted look right? LOL


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You do wonderful work!! I love the snowman too!! I'm trying to get myself moving on painting some Christmas stuff. It's never to early.

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Thanks Colorgal, you are right, it always seems to be here before I am ready. I sort of made a New Year's resolution that I would work on Christmas items all through the year. Of course, I had hoped to do a regular project, then a Christmas one and so on--hasn't actually happened that way! LOL


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WOW!!! Those are so CUTE!! Great job.

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gosh....I'm jealous of you people who know how to paint!! Luvs, they are beautiful!!

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Letmag and Donnas, thank you so much for the nice compliment. Donnas, I'm not that good, but I enjoy doing it, and most of my friends don't paint so they think mine are wonderful! (Is that the same theory like "if you want to look thin, hang out with fat friends?") LOL

You really should give it a try, I know you would enjoy it. Just start out with a simple design like one out of a child's color book. Then instead of crayons, just fill it in with paints. Later you can experiment with adding more details and even using paint pens to outline it. You will be surprised at how good it will turn out.

Can you tell that because I love painting, I want everyone to enjoy it too? ;o)


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