Rabbit Basket

anjabeeAugust 26, 2008

Here is a little basket I painted for my 4 yr old. She is going to keep her Littlest Petshop Pets in it. She told me to paint the yellow around the top and wanted the handle blue, but I forgot and painted it red. She reminded me it was supposed to be blue, but said she didn't mind it being red. ha I'm a little out of practice so forgive any mistakes you see. I started this so long ago I don't even remember who's pattern it is. =) ~Anj

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Cute! Looks like a Terrye French design to me. I have a couple of her books. What a nice little basket, it will be perfect for your little one's toys.

You sound like me when I haven't painted in awhile--always feels like I'm starting all over! Guess that's where the saying "practice makes perfect" comes from. You may have struggled a bit with it, but I sure can't tell it. Turned out really nice.


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Thanks Luvs. You say it looks like Terrye French and it may be. I had a different TF design that I was going to paint on it...a snowman, sheep, gingerbread, flag, pumpkin on a wagon from her Harvest Blessings and Holiday Spirit book......but when DD claimed the basket, she wanted the rabbit. Ok, I just found the book, it is from Something Special by Terrye French. Good eye Luvs!!

I am sadly out of practice but I will keep going and hope it will start to flow again. I'm working on a Chris Thornton design today.


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