Snowman Christmas stars

luvstocraftAugust 24, 2009

Got these put together. I haven't sprayed the sealer on yet, need to make a trip to buy some more first. I used sheer ribbon on one, silver ribbon on one, and some gold cord on the third one I made. Just hung a jingle bell painted white on the bottom. Don't think I had speckled yet when I snapped this picture, but I did speckle them. This is my version of a design by Sandra Lee Goodale in the April 2009 issue of Quick & Easy Painting magazine. I included a couple of closeups so you could see the detail better.


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Luvs, Your snomen are adorable. Theses are nice sets and with the bell they could be door knockers. Wouldn't be real loud but sure cute. Since you made three I'm taking it you plan to give some away or sell some huh? I like the sheer and silver ribbon so bet the gold looks good also. I'm not ready for winter but we know it will be here before long. Keep up the good work. Punk

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Gosh you girls have been busy busy. Luvs....these are soooo sweet. Love that soft blue snowy look. What blue colors did you use for this project? Can't believe you got 3 sets done so fast. That's awesome. I love the bows you used to attach them together as well as the little white bell. Perfect! Very cute project. ~Anj

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Did you buy these stars or cut them out yourself? I have some to paint on DH cut for me last year so I may get around to them in time. Right now I'm thinking fall. Punk

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Luvs....Wonderful...Simply Wonderful! The shading is really great, everything is very defined. And icicle....I've never seen cool! The metallic ribbon is super.

You sure have been busy! Been stalled a the kitchen cupboards and have a ton of stuff for the Visiting Nurses TS. Maybe I will find something good to paint while there, here's hoping!

Thank You for sharing!!!!!


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Anj, that blue is Americana Winter Blue and I think it is my new favorite. Not quite a baby blue but not exactly a grey blue either. I'm also really loving the Americana Champagne Gold that Bebe told us about.

Punk, yes, I cut out my own stars. Just used some thin plywood. I can see how this idea could be adapted for so many seasons/holidays. The original design for this called for gluing colored paper on top of the stars leaving about a 1/4 of an inch all around, then painting on top of the paper. I didn't have any blue scrapbooking paper on hand, so just chose to do the background with paint.

Belle, you sound like me--in my efforts to clear out and take things to GW, I always end up bringing new stuff home when I go! LOL I saw some wooden plates at one the other day--about $1.50 each. Thought I'd see if they are marked down by the next time I go IF they are still there. Figured I might be able to use them as a painting surface and they would be good displayed on an easel. Obviously didn't want them badly enough to pay much for them though. LOL

I just finished painting one more little project, so I'd better get the pic loaded to share. I'm enjoying painting right now and trying to keep having one "in the works" so I can just walk in and paint awhile whenever the mood hits or time allows. I find it's the "getting a project ready" that causes me to procrastinate so much.


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Luvs, You are a busy little beaver and I love it. Hope you are able to keep cutting and painting. It's so fun to see new projects. However if you keep posting so much, what will happen when you go on vacation? We'll be having projects withdrawls if you can't paint and post like we are acustomed to. LOL Punk

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Well, aren't you the busy little painter!! I thought no one was posting because I forgot to come over to this side. I love snowmen and the soft blue is so pretty. Great job on the wood cutting!

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Nice change from the usual red & green. Very cool looking & love the pretty blue color. Think I'll have to get 1! Jan

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