Bathroom sink - what material is best for it?

desertstephJune 15, 2011

that vitreous china or cast iron? I've seen them in acrylic also but really don't think I want that.

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Isn't the vitreous china over a cast iron base?

Definitely don't get the china/porcelain over steel sink. The china is really thin and chips fairly easy. I've got an acrylic tub and really like it, but all of our sinks are china over cast iron.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Ours is solid vitreous china, same as a toilet. It's a drop-in, Aquasource brand in bone color, no complaints so far. It's so much better than the molded one-piece cultured marble that it replaced!

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I think ours are porcelain over steel. So far so good but they are only 3 years old. Gosh. Hard to believe we have been here almost three YEARS already.Sheese

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I thought the vitreous china was just that (like mama g has) and porcelain was over cast iron - or the steel. I just saw the porcelain over steel recently.

I think over the yrs I've had the china, the cast iron and once the cultured marble type. Now I have plastic (probably acrylic).

no one have a problem with the china type? I think cast iron seems like over kill. not sure why- that's probably what I'll have in the kitchen. they are so heavy tho. Bathroom sink doesn't get that much use. it's only me...

not sure when I'll change it out. wasn't going to do that til next yr but the faucet is leaking and I'll be having that replaced so was looking at sinks - just in case. If I find a super good buy on one, I'll go ahead and get it.

I was hoping to wait til next yr and replace the vanity and sink.

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Steph, I have the china in both bathrooms, both wall mounted. DH is taking out a tub which is cast iron, and it weighs a ton. He has two guys coming to help move it down the narrow steps into the basement. We will be replacing it with a white sort of acrylic tub, I think he said it was a more modern material than acrylic though....think he called it americast?

If you want to look online at a lot of materials and get a feel for the differences I usually visit and look around.

I prefer the one hole drilled sinks, make sure they have the overflow hole in the bowl though, and then you can pick a faucet set which has the plunger stopper. I seldom use it, and even DH runs water for shaving instead of stopping up the sink. As a boat captain the sound of running water always woke me from a sound sleep, cause it usually meant TROUBLE. So that still makes me uneasy. Water is precious.

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Oh I was wrong, one of our bathroom sinks is that cultured marble, all one piece with the countertop, and it's actually my favorite one because it has a sunken edge around it so splashed water doesn't get on the counter and run down to the back or off the edge.

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mine will be a drop in - and I'd prefer if it's something I can carry in! I 'spect that eliminates cast iron!

I had one of those marbleized ones also - I think it was just resin tho. A local company made it for me. I loved it! no seam to worry about.

I've looked (online) at some Americast - but, I did read some bad reviews on it some time back. not sure tho if it was for sinks, tubs or toilets. (can they make a toilet out of it?). Anyway, they've probably fixed the problem by now. they were cracking I think.

If that china is ok I'll probably go with it. I do think that is what most of the bathroom sinks from my youth were made out of.

do you think they are tuff enough to survive if I drop something into the sink?

thx all!

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I've had both the cultured marble sinks and the vitreous china pedestal. By far I've liked the china sink far better. Though cultured marble works well in a shower, as a material for a vanity top it scatches badly and does not look nice after a few years.

That china pedestal sink still looked new 13 years after installation, was a dream to clean, and it survived two teenage girls. It was not an expensive one either. I believe it was made by American Standard.

We opted for a white on white cultured marble shower rather than tile in this house in our master bath, (for ease of cleaning and no leaks). However, I knew I did NOT want a cultured marble vanity top again, so we just ordered a beautiful china console sink made by Porcher. I am very excited about it. Broke the bank on it but I figured life is too short and I was going to get it.

I don't think you'll have any problems if you drop normal bathroom things in a china sink, including glass bottles or blow dryers. If you can though, I'd try to stick with a good name such as American Standard, etc. I wasn't too impressed with the "off" brands that Lowes and Home Depot carry when looking recently. If you tap on one of the "off" brands and then tap on the others, there is a big difference in the feel and quality.

In the kitchen I am going with Kohler enameled cast iron. I cook with cast iron most of the time and I'd be worried abot cracking a fireclay sink if I dropped a heavy pan.


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found this one on CL for 45.00. what ya'll think?

I emailed seller for measurements

Here is a link that might be useful: CL sink

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I LOVE that shape, and also the singe hole. Much easier to clean. All my faucets, even in the kitchen, are single holes.

Is it a pedestal or just a wall mount? If that, can you put blocking in your wall to support the weight of the sink? Or, is it possible to set this into the top of a cabinet?
Could not tell.

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I thought it was a drop in. She hasn't replied with the measurements of it yet. I need a drop in. I have 66" of counter space. when I redo it I'm thinking of doing the sink/cab with drawers to the right of it and and drop counter to the left that is open underneath - like a make up vanity. I seldom wear make up anymore (i'm sure many wish I would) but thought more of it as a place to sit to do my nails (if I ever do those again) or just to put lotion on my legs/feet. There's a small window right above that space.

I do love the one hole faucets - for cleaning and for use of my hands. or lack of use really! I also love the 45.00 price on it.

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