glass on metal??

anneinva_2009January 25, 2010

I want to mosaic a metal tray, a metal watering can, and a copper plant pot. Do I need to prime them? If so what do I use to prime them?

Which adhesive do you suggest? I was thinking of using thinset.

Thanks for any advice you may have,


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Thinset is fine, also I have used marine silicone adhesive caulking, but thinset isn't as smelly!ha! Are you gonna use dishes and/or stained glass?

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I have mosaiced metal trays and watering cans and I didn't use a primer. They were for indoor use and I used Weldbond but thinset would be better. MAC glue or GE Silicone II for windows and doors are also possibilities.

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i am going to do glass on it. one book said to use expoxy. but that is stinky. i may try the ge II. I have never used it before. how do you apply it? or i may use my trusty thinset. it is for indoor use. i will take before and after photos. thanks

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