Lighthouse Shelf.

colorgalAugust 2, 2008

Boy I hope I'm doing this right. I painted this lighthouse shelf a while ago. I just wanted to share a picture of my work with you.

Image link:

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Oh gosh, Colorgal, it looks lovely but the pic is soooo small I can't really see it clearly.

Did you take a look at the posting pics tutorial on the discussions side here? Maybe that will help you to post one that is easier for us to see.


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I agree, it looks gorgeous from the small pic, but I'd love to have a closer look. Is there any way we can help you to get it bigger? I envy anyone who can paint landscape pics. One day maybe I'll have time to take a class. In the meantime....any tips???? ~Anj

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I hope this one is a little bigger so you can see it better.

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Oh, I love it! You did a beautiful job on it. so many little details! Very pretty. So glad you were able to make it larger so we could see it. Thanks for sharing. Luvs

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