Guest bathroom trash can

luvstocraftJuly 28, 2009

Found this little wooden trash can and thought it would be better than the plastic one I had in my guest bathroom. I hadn't painted one stroke in awhile so struggled with it a bit. I only painted this one side--and sorta think just one rose might have been enough! Just so fun seeing all the different flowers I can paint that I get a bit carried away at times! LOL


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Nope I think it's just right. Gorgeous actually. You haven't lost your touch. ha Love all the layers. Watch out though. Your guests won't want to throw trash in it. =D

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Luvs....Beautiful and well balanced not only in color but in content. I can feel the sneezes coming on!


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Luvs, your little garbage can turned out beautiful. I love it that you painted all the flowers instead of just a rose. Great redo. Punk

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Thanks you three, it was just a quick easy project. It was originally a nice yellow color, but no yellow in my house so had to change it. Love that spray paint! Luvs

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