Getting out of tole painting

toomuchglassJuly 17, 2008

I have tons of stuff for sale for pennies on a dollar - Especially books. I did tole painting for over 10 years . Every time there was a different trend - I went out & bought books. (You know they are between $9.00 & $15.00 )

I can say - I made tons of money. Tole painting bought my whole woodshop ... Now -- it's time to retire. I had a rummage sale last year - I got rid of all my cheap books .. and I kept the best for me. Now I'm giving it up .

I have about 100 GOOD BOOKS for $1.00 each. Rules here are no advertising ... If you know a spot that I can offer my stuff - can you let me know ? I'll be listing some awesome bargains !

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I emailed you just now. Are you really sure--you do such good painting--might have a change of heart one day. Luvs

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I don't know anywhere else to post them besides like etsy or ebay. I'd be interested to know the names of the books you have or at least the artists names. Do you think it's advertising if you just list what you have and no prices, then we could just email you if we are interested?

We really wish you wouldn't retire the paints! ~Anj

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Sorry to hear you are giving it up. I don't think I could ever give it up.

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