It runs in the family

paintingfoolJuly 5, 2009

As you can see, my little girls love to paint. The oldest is painting a birdhouse - she made "Dolly Parton" hearts, and the little one is painting a turtle - she picked out the color she liked. It is usually the first thing they ask to do when they come over. And I can't fool them with the watercolor paints - it isn't the same even for the little one, she wants the paints I use and she knows how the colors are divided in my drawers.

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How precious your pictures are. The girls seem to be loving what they are painting. It's great that you let them paint what they want and use your paints. I'd do the same if my GD wanted to. So far we haven't had the chance to paint together.


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Hi Bebe, your granddaughters are precious. Mine begs to paint too and like your's, wants the "real" paint. However, she always wants a piece of wood to paint on because that's what she sees me do. :o) Luvs

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What beautiful little girls! And I bet one of the reasons they like to paint is because Grandma does! I had hopes that one of my two children would love to paint. Nope! My son sez's it not manly and my DD is a natural at it but it isn't her thing. It would be nice to have someone to paint with!


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