Only took two years!

pezabelleJuly 18, 2009

Ordered this project about two years ago and started and finished it this week. The weather has been so hot here that being outside isn't a choice, so I have had time to paint. Yahoo!

This is from Tuttles Touches Vol 4. I made many changes but it still does not "blend" together. Sorry about the photo quality, thought it would be better to take the picture before adding the matte sealer, but still isn't great!


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It's so great to hear from you and even beter that you have a beautiful project to share with us. I think you have a wonderfully blended project. Pat yourself on the back for finishing it. Luvs just finished a darling Easter or spring project so we can all relate to taking our time to finish some of our projects.

It's over 90 here today so know what you mean about the heat. We have DGD for 4 days so have been having a great time. We took her to the parade and water park, then came home and let her swing and run threw our sprinklers today. Punk

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Yeah! You're back, Belle! I thought you had forgotten all about us!

Your project turned out really nice. I agree, give yourself a big pat on the back.

So are you all recovered health wise now? I really don't care much for hot weather--but if it gives us time to paint, then I might reconsider that opinion. LOL


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How did I miss this?? Looks really beautiful Belle. Love how the colors are soft, but bold. Where is this to be displayed? If you can't find a place for it I'd be glad to take it off your hands. Glad you found some time to paint. =)~Anj

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Thank you All for the kind words.

How our tastes change with time. Like this piece better when I bought it than when I finished it. Finally figured out that I like Tuttles Touches colors more than the patterns. Which re-enforces the fact that I like bold.


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She tends to do allot of quilt type designs, doesn't she? I like her use of color too, her projects always catch my eye when they are in a magazine or store.

I used to do allot of country and rustic items. Now I seem to do "cutesy" and "shabby chic" I guess. Funny how our tastes change--or maybe it's just that we get bored and want to try doing something new. ;o)


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