ok! about those toothbrushes in the bathroom -

desertstephJune 25, 2011

What do you do to protect and clean yours? I'm seeing some nifty things online to zap 'em of all real and imaginary germs...

without spending a fortune do you know of something simple that's better than sticking it in a cup, drawer or even one of those holders with holes to poke them into?

I've got stuff I can clean the brush head in - it's keeping it that way til I use it again that's bugging me. or should I just clean it each use? or is that too extreme? I'm not usually super germaphobic - a brush going into my mouth to tickle all of my teeth is a bit different tho.

there's also the 'matter' of where to keep this all important brush! I've been gonna just put it in a case (has holes for ventilation lest it die) and drop it in a drawer by the sink.

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I have an OXO medicine cabinet organizer with little cubbies to hold things that sits in the medicine cabinet above the sink. DH's brush goes in one cubby, mine in another (I'm not particularly germophobic, but he is, and the different cubbies keep the brushes from accidentally touching). We've both always just rinsed ours before popping them in the cubbies, though. Brushes may be boiled if one of us is sick to disinfect, but otherwise they're never "cleaned", just replaced at the 6 month dentist cleaning. I never actually thought about needing to clean it! Seems like the paste & rinsing should do that, I guess.

However, for the more fastidious...what about on of those clip-on covers for the head, like people use when traveling? Then pop the brush into a brush holder or cup or something.

Somehow the idea of the toothbrush in a drawer freaks me out. Wouldn't it leak toothbrush water all over the other stuff? Or microscopic drawer debris might find its way in through the vent hole...ok, so maybe I can be germophobic...

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"ok, so maybe I can be germophobic...'

yeah. yrs ago (and while growing up for sure) I wasn't either. guess things change. could be here that over the yrs in the desert i notice how dirt blows in and settles on everything - I guess the toothbrush isn't isolated from it.

it'd be in it's own 'space' in a drawer tho. but the idea of one of those pop on tops and THEN into a cup or holder sounds probably the easiest. will look for one next trip to W.

I swish mine (and let set a bit) in light bleach water sometimes. with many rinses...

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I wouldn't cover them or put them in a drawer...moist and dark helps mildew/germs grow. They need air and light.

You can soak them in bleach to disinfect, but I never do. If someone had a sore throat or something, I think it would be a good idea to disinfect the toothbrush.

I've poured mouthwash on mine once in a while, not sure that it does any good but I figure it can't hurt. Replace them every 3-4 months.

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I thought I was a germaphobe too, but I guess I'm not that much. I just rinse it after use, and stick it in the dishwasher once a month to get it really clean.

You could always keep a cup in the bathroom and put a denture tablet in it and soak the toothbrush daily. That's what I do with my night guard.

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I've never thought about cleaning a toothbrush. Mine sits in a built-in toothbrush holder above the bathroom counter. Replaced every three months. I figure all those germs and such that are in the air are getting into my mouth anyway. To cut down on the yuck factor, always put the toilet lid down before flushing.

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Our toothbrushes sit in glass cups on counter always have. We do nothing special at any time to them.I do clean after illness or just get fresh one they are cheep enough. I just do not think about the germs and yuck factor but do keep toilet lids down and always before flushing. I believe there are a certain amount a germs a person needs to ingest to stay healthy. Keep the immune system working. I am not saying we all need to go out and take a bite out of your garden walk way o flower bed but a few germs are not all that bad.

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Whoops. Forgot about the 3 month replacement thing. I need to go back to those toothbrushes that get low on color when they're ready to be replaced...

"I am not saying we all need to go out and take a bite out of your garden walk way o flower bed but a few germs are not all that bad."

LOL Too true!

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Hmmm, as with bird bowls, which get washed in the dishwasher, then allowed to air dry between uses, this will kill a great many of the bacteria. The same would be true of the toothbrushes, wouldn't it? Just rinse them good, shake the water off, and let them air dry. I keep mine in a holder with holes in it, the toothpaste there too. There is a snap on cover for the bristles, and I do attach that to the head. I keep a few extra new ones in the supply shelves too. I use peroxide as a mouth wash, more bearable than astringent products.

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We keep ours in the medicine cabinet, which is original to the (1938) house. There is really no room on the sink to store them. We try to remember to replace the brushes every three months. We have the rechargeable toothbrushes. I always figured the toothpaste helps sterilize them. Have never seen a toothbrush that was not white or blue. (Meaning it isn't as if they get really dirty.)

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there used to be little 'holder' things for them in the medicine cab. not in mine now.

but if I could find something to hold it upright in there... and cap it off with a little dixie cup on top that'd work out great! It'd be behind the door.

will have to think on that one. if anyone can think of someway to hook it up in there to hold it upright, let me know!

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Steph just screw an eye hook into the side of your cabinet large enough for the handle to fit through. I would not do the cup on top. You will be adding to the germs by doing that. The brushes are meant to dry between each use. Covering it will keep it damp and moist= cooties a nice place to grow.Behind the door should be enough.

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Yeah, I agree with Shades, let it air dry.
That is what is suggested for birdy bowls, especially water bowls between usages. And I like to have my brushes dry too.

I do not have a real medicine cabinet because the insides always wind up looking gross....in my experience anyway. So I keep the toothbrush in one of those old fashioned ceramic containers with holes in the top so the head sticks out. I have been covering the bristles with a snap on cover, which it came with, but now I think I'll just toss it.

Since installing my clawfoot slipper tub, I've moved all my personal grooming items reachable from the tub. Razor, shampoo, nail trimmers, toothpaste and brush, and especially, the foaming bubble bath!! This tub is the most wonderful treat I've ever given myself. A real soaking tub more than cleans the body, it restores the soul.

There is room for a very tall but shallow (maybe 8 inches deep) cabinet above the toilet in the master bath. That is where I'll be stashing the ugly stuff usually associated with storage in the bath area.

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eye hook? or cup hook? eye hook i'm having trouble figuring how to get that long handle in / out - unless i have no shelves in it... maybe it'll make more sense to me when I go over and look inside the cabinet!

ML - you're right - they usually end up gross. I'll have to be very careful. there's just me now, so any gross is my gross - lol! and it'll probably contain my most used meds, face cream etc.

I did find this today at miles kimball. but could be about 17.00 more than I should spend if I'm just over thinking where to put the brush and trying to keep it germ free.

it sounds like in doing that i'm making it more germ prone!

I do want whatever to be easy to access and easy to clean.

Here is a link that might be useful: dental keeper

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