Cool Blue Jazz

caliroseJuly 3, 2008

H2O water mixable oils on 12 x 36 canvas.

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Hi there I wanted to say you did a beautiful job on this. The colours are perfect. Do you keep them or sell them?

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Hi Sue!
Thanks for the wonderful compliment. This a branch into another direction for me.
I have taken on commissioned work. Although most of my work ends up in the hands of family and friends.

What are you, and how long have you been, "learning to paint"?

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Calirose, that is lovely, would really be relaxing in a bedroom or even in an office. TFS. Luvs

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Hi again Rhonda....I have been painting for about 2 years. A friend came to visit for 2 weeks and she taught me the basics of tole painting. And I mean basics. I have a great store near by and when I have a question I ask her if she has idea's. She gives free advice and that is my price.haha
I think alot of us end up giving most of our painting to friends and family. I paint Lots of things and find I have no use for it. So it gets given away.
By the way I would love to be your neighbour. You could teach me how to paint and how to put colours together. Well have a great weekend. Maybe I will finally get more stuff on here to show you all.

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I know those are not treetops, but you know when you look at a painting it sometimes springs up a memory. Well, when I first looked at the thumbnail of yours it reminded me of something. Back in MS when I was young, my parents worked at a fire tower which was located practically in our front yard. We kids would play on that thing for hours. This painting reminds me of being at the top of that fire tower in the early morning looking out over the treetops. It's a very peaceful painting. Thanks for sharing it. =) ~Anj

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Luvs, thanks for the nice compliment. It really shows you mean it when you even say where it would look good!!

Anj, Yes they are trees and treetops. I grew up in Hot Springs AR and Northern Virginia. The painting is my interpretation of being on top of those mountains. I am glad that it evoked a pleasant memory for you! That is what I try to convey in my work.

Sue, any advice I can share I willing give. If I can answer any question let me know.

Thank you all.

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