Breastfeeding Question

doodlebooFebruary 23, 2009

This isn't Step family related but I am sure there has to be at least a few ladies who breast fed on here so here it goes.....I forgot the film to my pump today and the darn pump will not work without it.

I have been manually expressing milk but only getting an ounce from both breasts combined in one session. This won't ruin my supply will it? I'm use to a full pumping every few hours so I'm worried my supply will drop from going an entire work day with out my electric Medela:(

I'm really stressing....not to mention it hurts like hell.

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You should be fine for one day. Just nurse as soon as you get home---I'm sure that's the first thing you do, anyway! I would think, if anything, you might feel really engorged today.

I really don't think one day will matter. :)

Good luck---you are doing great! Where does Layla go when you're at work? How is everything going?

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Don't stress!!!!! I used to pump too, and if you don't/can't for a day you'll be fine.

Do you have access to a hot shower? That really would help me "express" when I couldn't use the milk I was making.

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Layla is with Grandma furing the day now that I'm back at work. If she was closer to the office I'd drive over there now! I am really sore.

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Take a hot shower, if you can't at work, then use a washcloth or towel with hot water in the ladies room. One day won't change anything. Remember, the baby is the best pump.

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