Clearing out some unfinished projects

luvstocraftJuly 15, 2009

I had started this little metal tray this Spring and never finished it. It was laying in my craft room taking up space so I had to either stash it away to do next year, or just go ahead and get it painted before I stash it away. I decided to go for it! Of course, I love bunnies no matter what time of the year it is--hope you do too!

The design was in the April 2008 issue of Painting magazine and is by Sandy Holman Sackett.


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OOOH, look at their ears. Luvs, this darling. I bet your little GD will love it too.

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How sweet! I'll bet you are happy you finished this project and can put it away knowing it's ready for next spring. Did you come up with the colors or is this what the pattern called for? Pretty cute project Luvs, Punk

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Awwww....I love that pattern!! It is just adorable! It looks so good on that tray. You did a maaaavelous job painting it and I love how you did the edging on the tray too. Now I want to do this one when it's time for Easter again. I'll have to find something to paint it on. Cute!! ~Anj

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I loved this pattern when I saw it, just loved their expressions and the fact that he is giving her flowers. ;o)

Little GD saw it while I was still working on it and said "Awww, that is so cute, Gramma". I'll have to see if her mommy likes it and if so, it may go to live at their house.

I used the same basic colors, Punk, just the brands I already had that were the closest match to the pattern. The tray in the book was almost identical to this one except her's had a short pedestal base on the bottom. She called it a cake tray, but I thought I'd like it on a plate holder just sitting on my table I think.

The design could easily be used for a yard sign or flag with some words added to it too, don't you think? I did the metal tray just because I've collected quite a few of them over the last few years.

Now on to the next project. I have quite a few things cut out and some more trays and baskets stashed in my shed that I need to get something painted on them so I can make more room in there. Everytime I go to a TS, YS, or even the Dollar Tree, I'm always looking for things I can paint on.


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I think it could be used other ways and I wouldn't be surprised to see you showing us a new project someday. haha I'm so happy you have time to paint cuz I sure enjoy it. Punk

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Oh! How Cute! Cuddly and just plain adorable! You have done it again! Who wouldn't love to have this to display at any time of the year!


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