Unkie Sam with Flag

anjabeeJune 22, 2009

Ok guys....last one! This guy is from the book Makin Pretties by Michele Deaton. He's on a block instead of being a hanger....and he's not an angel, but I think he turned out ok. I don't think you can tell from the pic, but he has lines cut into his pants and hat and beard with an razor knife and then it's stained over so the lines appear. I like him. My flag turned out a little bigger than it shows in his picture in the book so his other hand is covered up. May go back and change that later. Hope ya like my little Americana projects. More to come. ~Anj

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Your Uncle Sam turned out so cute. He looks like he has alot of detail. I couldn't see the lines for sure but I know you do excellent work and I can only imagine the time you put into him. Thanks for sharing. Punk

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Hey, you got him finished. He looks cute and I love his sign. Luvs

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Thanks you guys.

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He is darling, Anj, so glad you got him finished. I haven't been posting much with so much going on around our house. I have to sit down and paint because I am teaching two classes within the next week and I didn't know what I wanted to teach - they have to be Christmas for our ornament paint in so I am a bit limited. But I work well under pressure.

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Thanks B...your ornies turned out so cute. ~A

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Anj, Your Unkie Sam can come visit my patriotic decor any time! He is really great!


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