Folkart Unkie Sam

anjabeeJune 22, 2009

Ok, this guy may not look that hard, but he took me a while. I had to carve his nose for one thing and the arm patterns would not match up to the body so I had to keep sanding him forever. So he stared off saluting, but DH hated that so I had to go back and redraw one arm and recut it. Anyway, he still needs a little fuzzy goatee, but the kids and DH told me to leave it off...we'll see. He stands about 22" tall and I got the pattern from a 1991 Decorative Woodcrafts magazine and he's by Nan Baker. He is my favorite out of the Sams I've done so far. =) ~Anj

Oh crud...just looking at the pictures.....his mouth is missing!! Guess I'm still not finished with him!! I'm posting him without it and you'll just have to imagine him with it. It's just a little straight line anyway. Sigh. ~A

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You cracked me up with your last statement. To funny that you missed painting a mouth on him. Maybe he doen't need one with all the work you put into this. LOL I so understand what you are feeling right now!!! You posted any way and that's what I would of done too. You go GIRL!

He's adorable without one so let us know if you go back soon and add it.


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I'm so excited to see your projects! Know you have been wanting to get them finished for awhile! He is very dapper looking, but he does need a bit of a beard I think. Looks like you had to do some gluing for the hat, arms, and nose. I can see why he would take awhile to complete. You did a great job on him. Luvs

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Thanks ya'll.

Luvs...I think he needs the beard too. I will add it. Gotta see what I can find that will make a good wavy one. He did have some pieces and the pattern didn't fit when it was done...I guess it happens, I did cut it exactly as it was printed. The first hat brim I cut was too thick so had to find something thinner. Just a bunch of things that a beginner has to go thru. ha Oh well, I love the folk arty way he looks.

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I didn't even notice he didn't have a mouth or beard. All of your pieces just waiting for you to paint them reminds me of the commercial where everyone is waiting around for the memory card pictures to be developed.

Did you use a scroll saw to cut these out? If so, you did a great job.

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Thank you!! I did use a scroll saw Bebe. I'm just ever so slow with it. =) One day I still hope to be good enough with these power tools to make furniture pieces. Years and years from now the way I'm progressing. ha

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He is a dapper looking gentleman. Cutting out a project is never much fun to me, but has to be done and you've done a great job, especially with all of the alterations. Great job!


ps..the postage is going to be fearsome!

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