Independence Girl

anjabeeJune 22, 2009

Ok, finally got my little projects finished. Took me long enough, but I'm really not that good with the saw yet and had to keep going back to the drawing board, but here they are. This one was from a 1992 issue of Decorative Woodcrafts called Independence Girl by Kathy Johansen. I changed her crown (the original was wire) and put a base on it to make it kinda match my other ones since they are all kinda grouped in my living room. Also keep in mind I like my stuff to look a little old and grungy so they have a little stain on them which may or may not show up right in the pics. =D Hope you enjoy.


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What a little sweetie to join the boys! Cute cute. You are talented when it comes to redoing and always come up with wonderful ideas. Great painting and cutting on all 3 projects. You have time to enjoy before the 4th. Woohoo Punk

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She's a cutie, Anj, and will fit right in with the "boys". I am just so proud of you for using your saw. Sure makes it nice to be able to cut out what you want, doesn't it? Luvs

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Thanks you guys....Punk my Americana stays up all year round.=)

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What a cutie!!

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Thank U!!

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Anj...Your "grungy" shows up just perfectly. When you send along Unkie Sam you can include her!


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