ML - you live in AL ?

desertstephJune 27, 2011

ML - you're in AL - right? are you by a town/city with a 'Hunt' name? (don't have to post your city/town on here).

My sister is there this next wk visiting her gd who just had her 1st baby. A boy. So, it's my sister's 1st ggbaby! She was excited.

If it's by you, I should have packed myself in one of her suitcases and come to visit you! I just realized the other day that you might be close to her.

J owns a hair salon there somewhere. She's about mid 20's, married... she moved there to open her own salon. Actually, I have no idea why she moved there to do it instead of opening one where she lived (around our hometown). Maybe just wanted a different start. She did live some of her younger yrs in GA. She might have wanted away from the terrible winters and tons of snow.

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Steph, nope, nothing that has HUNT in it. I'm in gardening zone 8B which is near the Gulf coast. About 300 miles further south than the Hunt.....:) It snowed up there, since Huntsville is on the Tennessee River, but not snow every year....however, it did a couple of times last winter. We just had a couple of weeks of "hard freeze" which means below 28 degrees.

Congratulations on your being a great auntie, Steph. Hope mother and child are doing well.

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ah, I wouldn't have been able to be dropped off by you then - lol!
up by TN makes sense (I haven't checked a map) - my nephew lives in TN. Sister went there first (recoup from her trip on airplane I'm sure). Then I 'spect my nephew and nieceIL drove her to the gd's house in AL. They'd want to visit and see the baby also.

dang! I hadn't even thought about that making me a g-something aunt! I do have other gnieces/nephews but don't think any of them now have kids also. will have to think about that. gee, at my age I'll have to make a chart of all of them... lol!

havne't heard from my sister since she left. She's been sleeping, recovering and having too much fun I'm sure!

I'd better email her. So far I've been nice and not done that - didn't want to take time from her visiting time there.

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