Uncle Sam

anjabeeJune 17, 2008

Here is the first pattern I cut out all by myself! ha It was fun! I'm an Americana fan and I recently recieved the book Heartspum Treasures from a friend and had to have this guy to go with my collection. ~Anj

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I like Uncle Sam-I too like Americana. How wonderful you can cut your own wood. Maybe one day I will get up nerve to tackle a saw. My husband has several and never uses them any more. You are a good painter!!

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Hey thanks paintgirl. Mine isn't a real powerful saw and pretty safe to operate. You should have your DH train you how to use the least scary one! ha Luvs trained me online! ha

So do you decorate your house Americana or your yard or do you just like it? ha The main living areas of my house are decorated with Americana. My kitchen is Americana with a touch of cows. ha I love anything old. I've pretty much got my house filled so the overflow is starting to show up in my flower beds. ~Anj

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He looks so handsome and dapper, Anj. Great job on the painting and on the shading too. I know you are so proud to have painted a piece you cut out yourself too. Fun, isn't it?

Paintgirl, do like Anj said and have your DH show you how to use the saw--then you can cut out shapes and signs whenever you need a surface to paint on. Just follow a few safety precautions and it is just as easy as using a sewing machine, you will love it. ;o)


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Thanks Luvs. It was so fun. I'm looking thru books to find my next project to cut and paint. You are a good teacher! ha I would have never done it without your encouragement.

Paintgirl...yes, use safety precautions. I was glad I remembered to put on safety glasses cause a piece of wood flew up and would have gone straight in my eye without them. With my saw, you'd really have to try to cut yourself. There is a "pressure foot" thing out in front of the blade so my hand never gets anywhere near it and the saw moves up and down just like a sewing machine needle. You are lucky to have a live in teacher so get going! ha ~Anj

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Your Uncle Sam is great. Congrats on using your saw. I don't like cutting and my hubby loves it so it works well for me. Too bad all of u live so far away or he would keep you swaped with painting projects. I have so many apple boxes of cut outs that it would take me forever to find the patterns to paint on them. Yes I feel bad I had him cut them and didn't get them painted. Maybe some day I'll have time for more painting.

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Hey phonegirl. I have a bunch of cutouts too, our TS has a section for them and I can't resist buying them from $1 and under. It's trying to figure out what they are and what you can make from them that's the problem. ha It's nice having the internet cause if you find a shape of a turkey and it has a sticker on the back from a book, you can sometimes find a picture of the pattern online and paint it from that. I've done that quite a few times. I just want the option of cutting out pieces from my pattern books that I really love. My DH has enough on his honey-do list so I'd have to wait forever to have him cut anything out for me. =) I'm with you. Always wishing I had more time to paint! ~Anj

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I can relate to having things cut out and never getting around to getting them painted. I have a box with items like that too. Guess I just got carried away and cut more than I needed--then sometimes they lay around so long that I on to something completely different and no longer really want to paint them! Hmm! Maybe I should donate them to TS--but I agree it would be hard to know what they are without the pattern. Luvs

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