Painted Chairs

gail1055June 20, 2007

Hi everyone,

I want to thank you for your help posting pics. I think I've got it right now but sometimes the thumnail doesn't enlarge when you click on it. Oh well for the most part it's working fine. You asked to see some of my painted chairs. I started painting chairs about 4 years ago just to keep busy because my hubby had to work another year before retiring. I have never taken any lessons. Just taught myself from Donna D. books I bought at Walmart. So when it comes to other types of painting I have to wing it. My chairs have been popular and last summer I sold many of them in local craft shows. I joined the Wisconsin Dells Art Association and now I'm in charge of advertising for their big event in Sept. That's a little scary but I'm sure I'll do fine. The event is going to be 3 days this year instead of 2 so getting the word out is very important.'s some samples of my chairs. If the chair has a bad seat I turn it into a planter. I put at least 3 coats of a water base poly on them. Gail

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Hi Gail~ so glad to have you join us! I love the color choices on all your chairs. I don't think I can even pic a favorite. They are all just beautiful. A few of us here are self taught as well. I'm just barely getting started with the one-stroke. Where do you find the chairs you paint? Are you a TS junkie? I totally am. ha Do you let the chair speak to you or do you just know what you are going to paint on them? Some of us spend more time looking for that special thing to paint on something than we do actually painting. ha
I'm sure your Sept event will be wonderful. It sounds fun. Will you be selling your chairs there? We look forward to seeing lots more pics and please jump over on conversations and chat with us as well. We'd like to get to know you better! ~Anj

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Hi Anj,

I recycle old chairs. I find them at rummage sales, thrift stores, and sometimes on the curb. I love to give them new life. I usually let the chair speak to me. By the time I'm done priming it I know what to paint. But there are times when I have a specific design I want to paint and then I have to search for the right chair.

Our big event in Sept. is call Wo-Zha-Wa days. It's the end of the season sale for all the tourist stores and a big craft show in the park. I was in it last year and will be again this year. I don't have much inventory so I'm busy trying to get things painted. I spent the winter in Florida where I painted for friends down there but accomplished nothing for myself.

This is a planter chair I'm just finishing up. I call it the lady slipper chair. There's also a couple signs I painted in the picture. If anyone has an ideas of what I can paint on my chairs let me know :) Gail

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Wow, the back of that one just screamed vase, but would I have thought of it.....probably not. ha You have a very good imagination and it makes for very fun chairs. Your signs are excellent too. I wish you good luck on getting your inventory up before the event and I don't have to wish you luck on selling them because I think they'll go like hotcakes! ~Anj

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Gail, your chairs are wonderful! I love all your designs and colors. I really loved your cabin chair too, you have a natural talent for painting. Luvs

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gail, once again... they are awesome! and the chair planter idea just blows my mind :)))))))

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Gail, Your chairs are beautiful. I guess I have never posted but I have seen them before and admired them. Where have you been? Haven't seen a post from you in a long time. Must have lots to show us, huh?

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Your right I haven't posted in a long time. I just kind of got away from it. I've been busy and I just had my first grandbaby but that's no excuse to stay away.

I haven't painted any chairs for a while. It's just too much work and I don't get much money for them. I may paint them again but for now I've been concentrating on smaller things. Here's something I painted this fall for a friend.
It's a stretcher board used to stretch fur. He use to go trapping as a young boy with his uncle and wanted this painted as a rememberance. He gave me a bag full of mink stretchers in return. But they are so skinny I'm not sure what to paint on them. This one he had me paint is much wider. I think it was for raccoons.

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Gail so nice to hear from you again. Congrats on your new grandbaby, aren't babies just the sweetest? This board sure turned out nice. I'm sorry you don't get much for the chairs, you sure do such a wonderful painting job on each of them. Maybe you can continue painting your fan blades or try doing some small tables or benches if you can find some cheap. We've got a few new posters here now, so hope you will enjoy catching up on all the posts.


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Thanks Luvs. Yes grandbabies are so special. He's our first and such a cute little guy. Chairs are just so much more work to paint and they are hard to haul to craft shows. My garage was just getting filled with old chairs. I had to clean it out:) Last summer I painted over 70 fan blades for my fall craft show. I sold most of them. I also painted some stools. I'll probably do a chair here and there. I think I was just painting too many of them.

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Gail.. all of your art is so very nice...but I really love the colors you created for the chairs, the varied colors on the legs and backs is so warm and inviting. I can see that they would be a worry to haul around for shows but so beautiful.

As to the stretchers....there are some really great patterns for barrel stave's that could be reduced or enlarge to fit. I can see a snowman or a Santa or how about a rabbit for Easter. You'll find something.

Thanks for sharing...


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