Renovation fatigue!

cathy725May 15, 2013

I thought I'd post because I'm getting so tired of my renovation and need to vent (so ignore if you want). Granted I am the one who thought it was best to do it all at once, and I know it is, but the end is getting close, just not close enough! I apologize in advance to those who have much longer renovations, but I'm sure you can relate.

Going on 8 weeks now. They are working on the last bathroom. We had kitchen, entire first floor flooring replaced, wall knocked out between living and family room, 1/2 bath on first floor, and two full baths on 2nd floor along with stairs and upstairs hallway re-done.

They are working on master bathroom now. The stairs aren't done, because GC (wisely) wanted to wait to put in the new wood stairs until after the reno was done. There are still bits and pieces to be done in the kitchen (my outlets in backsplash need some tweaking so covers fit correctly) and dishwasher needs to be anchored in.

It seems every time I think we are getting close, something else goes haywire. In the master bath, the walls were way out of plumb and since we are installing a full shower, GC did a lot of extra work on the walls surrounding the shower so *hopefully* the cool shower door will work as designed.

My big stress yesterday was they had laid the floor tile mosaic for the shower floor. It looked good. Mosaic was a stone material. The GC noticed that lots of the pieces were flaking and breaking off--not good (hadn't been grouted yet). He and I decided that the mosaic just wouldn't work. GC had to tear out the shower floor. So I spent the day running back and forth to the tile store and other stores to get a refund and find something else that would work so progress wouldn't completely halt on my shower. Stress lessened quite a bit after I was given a refund on already installed (and removed) mosaic--I wasn't sure they would refund my money.

Good news was the countertops were installed in both upstairs baths, so we do have running water in the hall bathroom and might have running water in the master tonight.

Bad news is someone modified the toilet plumbing to a smaller opening (I think he said 3" instead of 4") so he's got to tear that out to fix it before installing the toilet.

Two steps forward, one step back. Oh, did I mention my DH has been out of town the last two weeks and so has been calling with his input from long distance--that doesn't always work as well as I'd like.

Things that do make me smile: my Never MT (GC thought it was silly and didn't install--I installed them myself yesterday), my silgranit sink--love, love, love it! All the light in my kitchen--recessed, UCL, pendants, and disco lights in my glass cabinet (they are tape led's that can be set to several different colors or run like a christmas tree with the lights switching between colors--hence disco!)

OK, I guess my rant is over. Photos soon. I think I need a glass of wine--is it 5 o'clock somewhere???

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We all identify for sure, but the fatigue is different for all of us. It's really hard to actually LIVE in the place that is being renovated. Blessing is, you are there, and see the blow by blow events.

My rant is we are 1 hour and 20 long minutes away, and they make decisions without us. Killer decisions, and there is no way to change them. DH goes there every other day to supervise, but delays and surprises are inevitable!

Give me your glass! I'll fill it with some good Chardonnay!

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Holly- Kay

I am with you. My kitchen reno has turned into a lr, dr, kitchen reno. Your's of course is way more lengthy so i shouldn't whine.

Our's starts on Monday and I am still unloading kitchen cabinets, and then have to start unloading desks and bookshelves in the lr. DH is no help at all. I get home from a long day at work and start to tackle the unloading and packing.

Of course we need new lr furniture but I am so tired of making decisions that I am just going to live with the old beat up leather furniture for a few weeks so I can make my decisions after the reno work is complete.

I don't want to sound ungrateful because in the grand scheme of things we are so very blessed. I do think whine, wine, and cheese sounds like a perfect plan for after work!

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Holly- Kay

Oh I forgot what I can smile about. I have a beautiful faucet, my Never MT's are ready to be installed as soon as the plumbing is in, my knobs and pulls are selected and ordered, and the best part is my fellow GW'ers to commiserate with!

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so sorry you are feeling it too! i can totally relate. everything feels like a concession. we have to deal with delays and annoying excuses! a large part of fatigue comes from decision overload too.. I am currently struggling to muster the energy to order cabinet hardware and just can't bring myself to do it..

i have managed to lessen some of the stress by looking for the few bright spots that make me happy.. like my new cutting board that i had cut to fit inside my prep sink and my tapmaster working beautifully now (i had to push the gc to install it because he was adamant that it was a bad design..). i also have been taking a break from "house" stuff and focusing on looking for fun summer activities for the kiddos..

just hang in there! it will be completed and beautiful in due time. at some point, we will forget all the struggles and enjoy it..

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Mine is at standstill - not counting the painter who started today on doors and windows because not painting them would void the warranty. I am not sure I like the guy.

I had a lot of catching up to do at work and had to suspend remodeling activities. It is frustrating to have a half-done half-functioning kitchen that I cannot really move it into. Chaos and clutter everywhere because things do not have a "home".

I was thinking half an hour ago that I could use a glass of wine if not for my doctor's appointment later this afternoon.

Great minds think alike? LOL

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Desertdance--OK, even though we have to breathe the dust all the time, it is VERY handy to be here every time there is an issue! I can also run out for things so they don't have to stop working if the GC has to run out and get stuff.

Holly--I feel your pain. It took much longer than anticipated to pack everything up--I had to pack up kitchen, dining room, living room and family room stuff and haul it to the basement. No fun.

Michou--I definitely have decision fatigue. I thought I was done then the shower floor fiasco made me have to make yet one more decision--I guess sometimes pressure makes the decision easy--I found something that looks good pretty quickly. No time to look around and see if there was a better choice.

Eleena--I'm only half moved in to every room in the house. I don't think a single room is in it's regular order since we've shoved stuff everywhere to make way for the renovation. Considering I'm going to have around 50 people here a week from Saturday for a party, either it will get done or it won't. I've considered handing everyone a disposable dust cloth as they walk in the door and welcome them to the dust!

So it looks like I'm hosting today's happy hour. Choose your favorite wine, grab some cheese and crackers and some fruit and think about how wonderful it will all be when it's done!!!

Thanks for commiserating with me!

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I remember my misery days. A year of GC'ing a whole house reno with two young children, a DH who works and travels a lot, DDad going through two rounds of prostate cancer, and a dying cat took was enough to send me to the brink and the bottle many times. You WILL get through it. It may take some time to recover afterwards, but you will live.

I'm prepping rhubarb-black currant margaritas today. Can I join the party? :)

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Tell me about the decision fatigue! One day, I just couldn't make any more decisions, period. And still can't. :-(

I need to get some work done tonight, so I am only drinking Sangria right now.


Only if you bring some margaritas. LOL

Can you post the recipe? It sounds fantastic!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

eleena, you and I have a bond. Here is the Margarita recipe.

One Can Frozen Limeade
The same can filled with water
The same can filled with 100% agave Tequila
And a bottle of light beer.. we use coors, but anything will do.

Best Margarita you ever had!

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Right there with you! I'm somewhere in the middle at the moment, hoping for cabinets next week then everything else can go in.

The only thing that I think allows me to keep my sanity, at least for now, is my years of stage manager experience in HS and college. It dawned on me this week how similar this experience is to running a show! Fortunately there is no "opening night" looming, so that takes a little pressure off, but also allows the timeline to creep out farther and farther.

Ok, that and my juice box smoothie Mai Tais! Hang in there, you already did most of the hard stuff, and all the prep!

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I hear you.
I need a second wind to get the last 5% done.
We got it to functional and all inspections passed and haven't done much more since. It took almost 6 months to get there. I think it may take 6 more months to finish the last 5%.
I've been shopping for decorating stuff. So sick of buying stuff, bringing it home, finding that it doesn't look right/good, returning it, buying something else...and so it goes.

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I feel like I'm in some sort of weird "boot camp" with some of you, as we are all going through the same stages of renovation. I had to look at when we started... as I can no longer recall D-Day. I think it was sometime in February....

We started by combining the kitchen and dining room, and then moved into replacing floors and trim in the downstairs hallway and bath. The FR is at a standstill, awaiting cabinets. The new dining room area awaits, as well as a bunch of redecoration (window treatments, furniture, accessories, oh my) and then I'll need to get to repainting the laundry room, which served as a temp kitchen. The mounds of stuff in the garage, basement and living room have gradually shrunk, but still taunt me every time I pass by.

The good thing is the kitchen is 90% done. Shopping for accessories has reinvigorated my interest in decisions and shopping. And today, as I discovered rings under my red wine bottle and espresso cups, I thanked my decision to go with quartz instead of etchable (not so super) super white.

So I guess things will get better, but to me it feels like a long hike where the end is farther away than you initially thought....

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A: Definitely burnt out right now. Have stopped inside work and DH and I have been focusing on outside stuff. My dreams of moving before Christmas are fading but I don't really care right now. We're at a year and a half in our redo.

B: Breezy, you HAVE to post that margarita recipe! I've got a beautiful rhubarb plant that is sick of being made into pies.

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I am right there with everyone. Kitchen is 99% done, must touch up some paint and get new curtains. Our problem is the kitchen and family room are one, so I don't want to move anything back into the family room until we paint. So, lots of stuff still piled in the basement and we are living in limbo.

I have taken a break the last few days--even from GW. Just feeling tired of kitchen decisions, problems etc. As always, happy to hear I am not the only one!

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The margaritas looked and sounded delicious! I had to make yet another run to the store for more bath tile last night. Of course they didn't have it in stock close by so I got to brave rush hour traffic to drive across town to get it. (Due to another surprise with the master bath that wasn't expected or anticipated). When that shower is done, I'm going in there and never coming out!!! :)

Came home, helped son with homework and studying and collapsed into bed.

Hang in there all my reno peeps. We'll get through it!

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LOL! I definitely want to get out of the reno fatigue club. I'm about 90% done, all but paint, backsplash and banquette. I just don't want to go to another store or look at one more thing. I just want to sit on my new porch and watch the grass grow. I guess that's kinda like Cathy725's plan to never come out of the shower.

Renovations are hard because you plan, renovate, then aftermath of putting everything back together (this part is long for us as we had to empty our kitchen, dining room, attic, part of basement and garage. Everything is not where it belongs!). And everyday living goes on and after letting things slide to prep and live thru renovation, when its over, you've go to get back on board. Not enough hours in the day.

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Re: driving across town for tile... ah, the oh so recent memory. I hope not to repeat it soon.

I didn't mention this, but last week, at about 80% done, we went off to Hawaii for six nights -- Came back to floors done, appliances in, and painting completed! Felt a little like being on one of those HGTV shows.

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oh my do I ever feel your pain! We are doing a HUGE gut reno and they are just now getting close to being dried in. Windows should be here next week, rough ins hopefully will be done next week also. I (unfortunately) made a list last night of all the items that still need to be purchased or even picked out. It's HUGE and freaked me out.......

I'm STILL after months trying to choose my kitchen sink. I'm back to the copper now. Or maybe Silgranite......

The only advantage I have (which believe me I know is a huge one) is we are living in our current home until reno is complete on the new one.

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Our next renovation will be starting probably in a year. We have done the whole upstairs- new windows, walls moved, insulation, gutted bathrooms and new closets in the master br. As it was that work was divided into 2 instalments, both took over 6 months each! I had no idea it would be such a long haul.
We are getting the same gc to do our kitchen, but this time, I am going to have everything in place down to lights, hardware etc. Already I am nervous about the disruption. And our kids are no longer here! I can't imagine trying to do this with little ones running around.
I really appreciate hearing about all your escapades and wish you all the best in your new kitchens. I am anxious to get started.

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I can certainly relate. We've been living in a constant state of destruction for the last 5 or 6 years. Sadly, there is only one room that I would consider mostly done (just paint and trim left). The kitchen still needs trim installed, countertops finished, sinks installed, still need to find two faucets, 3 stools, and for me to be 100% sure that I really don't want a backsplash. Pantry is mostly destroyed, living room needs a ceiling because I'm tired of looking at floor joists, old bathroom doorway patch needs finished, tile repairs, trim, and paint, and when something get close to finished in one of those rooms, cue handy DH to destroy master bedroom to replace floor joists and update windows to match the rest of the house, new flooring, trim, and paint. Then we start on the upstairs, and hopefully an addition over the current dining room. When we bought the place, we said it was going to be a good 5 year project. I'm guessing in another 10, we might be close to being finished with enough that we can remodel again or just tear it down and start over.

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Deedles--I thought of you when I posted the Black Currant-Rhubarb Margarita recipe in the KAW Margarita thread. I'll link it below. It's tart and delicious. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Margarita thread

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I want to joint this club, too! We are so blessed to be able to Reno our kitchen and stairs that I don't like complaining to my friends and family IRL, but you GWers totally feel my pain.

7 weeks in.... Cab doors and drawers went in yesterday. Our crown molding didn't match perfectly (paint store did not add enough colorant to second can-ugh) so once we figured it out it was already installed. My cabinet maker insisted on repainting it. The door and drawer fronts were still at the shop to be repainted thankfully. I had to remove what little food was left in my pantry so it wouldn't be affected my the paint vapors. I found we have a pantry moth infestation. Even the cereal I ate for breakfast unbeknownst to me was full of larvae. YUCK YUCK YUCK.
All this with no functioning dishwasher. I knew I wanted my new pantry to be organized, but after having to throw out all the food and get a bunch of new containers I think I am ready for this whole thing to be done. Another 10 business days for counter fabrication before I can hope to have a sink in the kitchen again.
At least I love my cabinets and I put a few things away last night :)

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The fact that many posters on this thread have graduated from this club and posted gorgeous reveals and enticing sneak peeks makes its existence even more valuable! With recipes and pharaoh's picture I'm surprised it hasn't been bumped all summer.
My whine is about the cosmetic damage workers do, the nicks in cabinets and walls, the split wood from overturning screws, the fact that my pocket door now won't close because the built in fridge was screwed into it. Most of it is fixable, but while it is being fixed what else will be damaged?
Michou was right about taking breaks, and finding bright spots. My bright spot today is the Culinary Institute of American cutlery organizer which arrived in only 1 day from Amazon and is a perfect fit for my drawer alongside an expandable utensil tray from Bed Bath and Beyond.

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