Waterwheel and Stagecoach

phonegirlJune 24, 2008

The only things I've painted was the love birds on the right side of the pond, in the previous posts. The pictures I'm posting are of items we bought for our yard and I thought you might enjoy seeing them if you haven't seen anything like them before. If you don't like this sort of thing, let me know (in a nice way) ha ha and I'll keep it strickly to painting. Why are my pics so large? I don't have time to read right now. Sorry

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What a fun yard! That waterwheel is so cool. Being that close to the road, I'm surprised nobody has tried to make off with any of your stuff. I love it all!
Do you ever post over at the Gardenjunk forum? It's not really junk, just fun yard stuff. I know they'd love to see your pics too! ~Anj

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Those are really neat, look expensive too, especially since they are so big. Anj is right, the gals on the garden junk forum would love to see these pics. Luvs

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Yes, we folks at Garden junk would love to see these!
Great things!

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