Stencile Bath

colorcrazyMay 3, 2009

We were in Charlottesville this weekend, so I haven't been painting. Here are pix of my basement bath. DH was an IT contractor in the '90s and was working long hours. With so much time on my hands, I kinda went overboard, smile. The "birdhouse" hides the water pipes. One day, I will paint it. Right now, it just has primer.

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I love your walls and can hardly wait to see your birdhouse painted. Did you make the birdhouse? Is it a bath tissue holder?

Those walls must of taken alot of time to complete. You have such a neat home and thanks so much for sharing with us. Punk

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Your stenciling is wonderful, you did such a great job with the shading on it. That really makes such a lovely wall in a bathroom, I'd probably not want to leave until I'd seen even design! LOL


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Fantastic! What a fantastic bathroom! It must have been a labor of love....I can only imagine the time it took to complete, all of the colors are so great. Brings a new meaning to stencils.


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Thanks for the compliments, all. Yes, it did take a while. The title of the post was supposed to be "Stenciled Bath" but I posted too late last night to type. I repeated and reversed the stencils to make it seem varied. Clouds were sponged on.

Punk, DH made the birdhouse to hide the water pipes. I painted the roof, but never got around to painting the house. Couldn't find a pattern, and my freehand attempts are not reliable, LOL!

The first floor bath has tile half way up the walls; I only stenciled the doors. This is our basement bath, so it didn't get as much tile, just the floor and the shower. The walls give me a lift every time I see them - guess the work was worth it.

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If you can't come up with anything else, why not stencil the birdhouse with the iris or one of the other flowers to blend it in. If I remember right your great at sponging and that would look nice also. Your creative so I'm sure with time you'll figure it out. I bet your bath does lite up your life every time you walk in there. So clean and refreshing. Punk

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That must have taken a long time CC, but it turned out great. I was thinking the same as Punk on the birdhouse....stencil a couple of the same flowers on it and you could also do one of the birds on it as well. It's nice to have a smile when you see it. I stenciled the ceiling of my bathtub enclosure with blue skies, lattice and ivy where my parents live now and I loved looking up and seeing that every day. =) Felt like I was showering outdoors. ha ~Anj

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This is lovely. I have been a painter for many years and have never painted on my own walls!! This just might inspire me to do so now. You did a really great job and I imagine it took a while to finish.

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oh my! that's amazing! makes such a difference :) and my gosh... the stencils even have color blending! mine are usually so mono color...

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