Cost of concreting

barrychanJune 5, 2008

Hello guys,

I live in New York City and would like to concrete a portion of the back yard so we have a neat area for outdoor bbqing. Just curious, what is the current rate for concreting?

I just want to concrete the lawn area in the back. Would the price include digging and removing the soil, plus cost of labor and material. Thanks!

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There is a porch and deck forum you could ask. But my first thought is contacting a few contractors in your area. As with any project the prices and process can be far and wide. My second thought is a ground level deck would be far less expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patio forum

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Barry, I agree that you need to get a few estimates. Ask your friends and coworkers to recommend people to you. I have been disappointed by just opening the phone book and picking names at random. Few people show up, even after appointments are made. I've had much better luck with referrals.

Although a wooden deck would be cheaper initially, a cement patio will last longer. In the 30 years I've owned my house, we have had 2 decks in the same area off the sliders. After the second developed problems we decided to go with cement for ease of maintenance and durability.

Our 16 x 26' patio cost only $1600 and was done in 2 days. It was done by a NYC fireman who does cement work on the side. His crew was prompt, neat, curteous and worked hard and quickly. He came highly recommended by a coworker.

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Considering that NYC is so full of concrete to begin with, and that you may not necessarily spend the next 50+ years in that location, it might be nice to think about either a deck or a different type of covering than concrete, which is pretty permanent as far as any green space goes. It's one thing to renew an unused growing area, another to have to use a jackhammer to start over.

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Thank you all for your advice. O, Dian57, the price of $1600 for a 16x26 patio. How long ago was it performed? It seems like you paid around $4 per sq/ft and had everything taken care of at that price. I got a quote of $5300 for concreting around 600 sq ft of area (not contiguous) including the hauling away of all the soil that'll be dug up.

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Barry, the patio was placed about 4 years ago. Email me and I'll give you the name of the concrete guy.

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