Sofa converts to bunkbeds.

dilly_dallyJune 13, 2010

If your studio efficiency, or small home guest room is so tiny that there is not even room for a pull-out sofabed......... there is room for a sofa that converts to bunkbed to sleep two people.





Other colors in more muted tones available also.

It's probably not the ideal solution for everyday use being too much of a hassle to set up, but great for the occasional overnight guest or grandchildren who stay for the summer.

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WOW that is neat. Even hubby was impressed.A little scary for us old timers. LOL I can just see myself trying to make it up. EEEKK But it an amazing piece of workmanship.

Thanks Dilly_Dally


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Interesting--I wonder how it would hold up to a college student's use. Any idea of the price range?

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This wonderful invention is featured on many sites. Price may vary with shipping. I believe you can write to from their site for quotes. Or just check the sellers where they have tons of attractive small living furniture for sale. There are many sellers of this item.

Here is one of the bunkbeds in a more mature style:

They have other great ideas for small home living. This won the best innovation award during the NEC Birmingham Furniture show. When the Murphy bed is down there is still a "chair" for seating for reading or putting on shoes, whatever. There is a storage bin built in and the couch seat lifts up to access it.

In muted colors:

Here is a link that might be useful: Find Price

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The longer length of this couch deceives that it is in fact a pull-out sofa bed.

I love sneaky storage.

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Dilly_Dally the second set of pictures do not link up correctly. I tried the link you posted. And that works fine.

These are great. I too love the extra storage areas hidden away yet easy to get to.

Thanks Chris

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Was looking at the Adam bed. I do not know why a person could not take the good futon mattress we have and make it into the wall bed shown. I think a box could be built and attached to the wall and either buy the proper lift hinge. Certainly food for thought. I down loaded the detailed information on it to show to DH.

Thanks Again Chris

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dilly-dally, does it come with a built in elevator, lol, I can just see me with my bad knees lol lol. It's for the under 50 crowd.

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