'How to Paint Roses Worksheet'

retiree43May 22, 2008

Who has that "worksheet" for learning to paint roses??? I would love to have it also? Can it be shared?


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Paintingfool does lovely roses and she had created the worksheet for us. She is on her way to a Painting convention, but might be able to help you when she gets back.

Also, at Michael's they usually have the worksheets by Donna Dewberry and I know there is one for her One Stroke rose.

Hope you find what you need and will come back and share pics of your projects with us. I love roses too, so if you want to chat about rose projects, please give me a shout.


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Luvs, I have used the One Stroke rose worksheet, but want to learn to paint other style roses. I look forward to Paintingfools return from the convention - - maybe she will have a copy of her worksheet to share. Thanks.

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Retiree43, Here's a rose worksheet that is free from Cindi Knighton's website. Maybe it will be helpful to you. Hope you will come back to show us pics of your projects. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue rose worksheet

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That is like the rose Paintingfool painted at her last class. Thanks, I'll keep it so I can find it later. Retiree, I hope you will post pictures of your projects on here for all of us to enjoy.

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Paintingfool, were you ever able to locate your Rose Worksheet?? I am still struggling with painting roses.

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OMG, I don't remember seeing this post. I have attached an old worksheet which might be helpful. I must have done it in a hurry because I didn't blend my paints very well. I just finished working on rose ornaments so I will see if I can do a better job and attach another one soon.
Hope this helps,

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Paintingfool, thanks for the worksheet. It would be most helpful if you were to show a numbering system so I would know which stroke comes first, second, etc. The order of the strokes is a difficult, for me, as the strokes are.

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I will put together a new worksheet next week. I have a class with Pat Lentine (pencil artist - www.patlentine.com)
in Mobile so I won't be back until Sunday night. If you have a chance to look at her website, we are doing the Santa Gaze and Returning to the Sea. I have only done one pencil class before and it was great fun.

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that's a good looking rose... i always have problems painting the in-between petals... between the heart and the outermost petals...

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