Need a temporary window covering solution

marti8aJuly 11, 2012

The problem: an over-the-sink 27" window and a 72x60 window, both facing west. I can tape foil or something to the 72x60 window but I'd have to take it off every time work is done in the room. It would probably be a good idea to have something on the window before the drywall guy comes back to spray texture on the walls, but there is just a single bulb hanging from the ceiling right now, so light is also an issue when working in there.

I'm not ready to put up anything permanent in the kitchen, and really like being able to see out that window in the morning, so taping foil to the glass is at the bottom of the list.

Is there a temporary solution that 1) won't put holes in the walls 2) blocks the sun, and 3) can still be opened to see out?

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Temporary pleated paper shades that come with little clothespins to gather them up at the bottom and clip them open?

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If there's easy access to the outside of the window could you rig up a cheap bamboo shade outside the window and just raise it in the morning and lower it in the evening? (Don't ask me how!)

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Have used the temporary shade. You can get them at HD or Lowes. They have double faced tape at the top to stick to the inside top of window frame and are pretty inexpensive. I don't know if they come big enough for the large window, but if not you could use two.

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Use a tension shower rod on the large window. You can buy inexpensive pole top curtains ranging from light filtering to blackout. You can get a smaller tension rod for the other window.

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Great ideas, thanks everyone. I'm going to check out all of them. I especially like the outdoor shade as it could be permanent if it will roll up under the eave.

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lazydaisynot, I finally got around to installing the bamboo shade I bought. I think I'm going to love it and may even put one over my bedroom window. It keeps the heat from getting to the glass which I think heats up the room worse than just the sun shining into the room. Thanks again!

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How kind of you to circle back and let us know what you did! I'm so glad to hear it solved your problem. After I posted, I thought, "Hmm, maybe that was kind of a dumb idea," so it's really nice to know that at least once I had a suggestion that wasn't completely stupid! Good luck with the rest of your project!

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Not stupid at all, it was a great suggestion. It even looks good from the outside.

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