Quick & Easy signs for Christmas

luvstocraftMay 4, 2009

These are some of the projects I have been working on to take back for my sisters, sis in laws, and nieces.

Everyone always loves Christmas decorations, so I wanted to include a few for them to choose from.

The rectangular signs were just made from rough fence boards that I had on hand. I didn't sand them down smooth since I liked the rough texture for these. The large Santa is on 1/4 inch plywood.


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Luvs your signs turned out so cute. Your relatives will want you to come back soon after receiving these from you. Funny that you just painted a checker board and there was a request for help on the discussions. I'll go back and see if you posted. Will it be hard to decide who gets what or will you wrap and make them open for the surprise?

Thanks so much for sharing and hope your trip is wonderful. Punk

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Luvs...you have been a quick bunny...and each is a prize!
Hope you have a safe and fun trip "back" to you family. What a great family you must have and what a great member of that family you are.


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Have fun visiting with the family, they are going to love your Santas. They look dimensional. Do you enjoy painting on the rough surface?

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Oh, I like them on the rough boards! They look great! I'm glad you didn't sand them down. They turned out super cute and even though they are simple they really pop. I really love that red checkered one. And your Santa is so cute with his red glass berries. Did you make multiples of these? You never said how many things you were gonna try to get made up before you left. Your family will love them. ~Anj

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Thanks all of you for your kind comments. These were just some things that I figured I could paint up quickly. I didn't make multiples of them, just these four. I still want to get a couple of patriotic things painted up too, but I'd better get with it if I'm going to get them done.

Bebe, I do enjoy painting on the rough wood. I usually use my older brushes on these. I already had the two stars cut out and painted, so decided to use them on a couple of the signs. I love the grain of the wood like what shows on the green one, and I think it's perfect for outdoor signs. And I actually started painting because I was really into country and rustic back then, and had very little extra money to buy cutouts from the stores, so I did allot of painting on old boards that I scrounged up. Only later did I start getting into doing the more detailed painted items, and as you can tell from most of my projects, I still like quick, easy painting the best.


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Luvs, I think your relatives are going to have a hard time choosing. These are really fun. I like the colors and the way your lettering stands out. Don't you love painting Christmas stuff? I could do it all year.

I'm guessing you live in the country, to be able to find rough boards. Using old brushes for them is a good idea.

Enjoy your trip.


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