What's happening here - not much!

desertstephJune 23, 2011

been at a stand still for some time. I think dbf is having problems. loss of hearing? maybe. mind cluttered with kid, gkids and money problems? probably that too.

I know his 'footless' is hurting him a great deal. Has had 3 made now - none any better. And a number of businesses that rent his properties have gone out of bz - leaving him with empty bldgs and no income coming in from them. bummer.

On my side, I've been having physical problems (ok, who added in mental to that? lol!) I am probably depressed from it all.

dbf knew (as I often reminded him) that the heat would be here and I couldn't run the a/c with 2 windows broken out... he finally started getting estimates on them and the sliding door about 3 wks ago. I've had 3 guys out here measuring etc. dbf finally settled on 1 about 2 days ago - but it'll take 2 wks to get them. major bummer. It's really hot here and this little window a/c unit is on it's last leg.

I did go out and look at laminate flooring and priced the vinyl for my rooms. I'm gonna try the laminate in the back room myself and see if I can do it. It comes in planks about 7.5 x 48. In a room 10 x 10 (plus 2' in the closet) it shouldn't take too many to do it up. I was a bit afraid of putting the huge, heavy storage cabinet on vinyl - over time it'd probably dig right thru it. I don't know that for sure ... was just a thought I had. I could get a cut piece of masonite or something to set the cabinet on tho. It will be wired to the wall behind it (in case it thought it might fall over on me). I can't really do the floors yet anyway I guess because whatever it is it needs to set in the space for 2 or 3 days - and not at 100 + degrees.

The electrician came out last wk and spent 5 hrs + over there getting it working. most of it anyway. I didn't know he was even there. He called but since I didn't recognize his phone #, I didn't answer. duh.

The electrician does need to do a few more things. like hook up the dw. dbf now says I shouldn't bother with that 'old' one, that he has a newer one that came with some house/bldg he bought and I could have it... now if I can just get him to bring it out here...

I did buy a drill so I'm just gonna work on shelves and taking some things over that can go on the shelves for the next wk or 2. i've been gonna buy the shelves this wk but so far I've decided each day that it's too hot to go out - lol! like it's gonna get cooler here! I've got to put up the braces for 2 shelves - so then I'll check the temp outside again. Since I had the money in my purse for them I decided to just order water instead. The water guy came this a.m. and filled both tanks. Now I can take a shower and later I can water my tree!

I've also been searching out faucets and sinks over the past few wks. (found sink on CL - is on sink thread) I've found 2 faucets I like at a bit more than I wanted to spend - but the cheaper ones (other brands) didn't have such good reviews. I figured it'd be better to pay more up front.

And I found a stove on CL. it's a GE profile. Is that good? I might go see it if not sold yet. Hope they can plug it in so I know if it works. they want 189.00 for it. see link

I do have to find out if I can reach those knobs!

I do hope I get moved in there during this lifetime.

Here is a link that might be useful: stove

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I know the feeling, Steph. And not many people are around or planning on home projects as the weather gets hotter. Wow, how do you manage with the a/c on the fritz!! I know you are hotter than we are here in south Alabama. At least, this week we've had a little more rain, and the cloud cover has kept the temp down, but the humidity is like swimming when you go outdoors. My yard friend comes tomorrow to cut the grass, first time in about 6 weeks since I left it tall to shade the roots during the dry period. Now it is growing tall quickly and making up for lost time. Oh, my flowers are growing quickly, almost as quickly as the weeds!

You mean you're so short you cannot reach those knobs on the back of the stove? Hmmm, now that is a problem. My DH's range is the GE Profile, glass top, electric. The oven handle is a curved thing, and the controls are at the back, and except for that handle it is no deeper than a regular depth base cabinet. Well, maybe one more inch. But the back of the stove is a bit thicker than a normal backsplash. So I wonder, are you able to reach the wall switches or plugs on the wall behind your cabs? If so, I don't see why you won't be able to reach the stove knobs.
Hope so anyway.

If you don't get the broken windows covered, and the a/c fixed, can you cover the broken glass with some heavy duty visqueen/plastic and tape it in place? It is not possible for you to do an evaporative cooler/ swamp cooler???? Not with water being delivered. That is an alarming condition. And here I've been whining because it had not rained in a month or so.....I should count my blessings. No way could I live in a desert, even though it is a terrible beauty you have there. Give me alligators and moccasins any day.

Hope your dbf becomes "footloose and fancy free" so you can both relax and feel better.

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"You mean you're so short you cannot reach those knobs on the back of the stove? Hmmm, now that is a problem."

pretty much. I've tried reaching to some in HD and I barely make it - and my boobs would hit any pan/pot on the front burner. ouch! lol! Maybe the newer ones are made a bit differently? This one is 7 yrs old.

I know that my arm (stretching to the back) is very close to any pot on the stove - and any steam that would be there.

My stove now has the knobs in the back too. The knobs on the CL GE one seems to dip back more at surface level and then come back out a bit higher up where the knobs are. I'm thinking that might make just the difference I need. I could stick to using the back burners to keep my boobs and arms safe... It also looks very nice (and is almond like my fridge), the one I have now I'm just not sure I want my food anywhere near it... nor do I have the energy to really scrub it down like I'd want to in order to use it. It also looks like the corner of the oven door doesn't fit correctly. That leads me to think it won't heat properly. The guy who had this place before me must have attacked that oven door. It's not easy for me to understand how someone could do that damage to the place.

I'd been wanting to just put a 2 burner cooktop in - but when I think more about it that will cause me to need a corner seam on any new counter top. If I stick to a stove I shouldn't need a seam there. So if I can get a good deal I might just go with a different stove. Getting one that is clean and has been taken care of would be worth a few hundred to me right now. I think.

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Aw Steph I am so sorry DBF is having non foot problems. I can not even imagine his pain. I hope he can find a foot that fits soon.

I know you had hoped to be into your new place sooner than you are. But you have made good progress. It will happen for you just keep plugging away. Moving in what you can into spaces that will not interfere with new construction is a good idea. I did that in one house we bought. I just remembered we bought that house in October and did not get to move into it until May. I had to paint the whole inside then carpet. And sell the house we had. So it was a slow process. Aslo I had serious back troubles at the time and chiropractor was pacing m in what he was allowing me to do as far as painting. And EVERY inch needed to be painted.

In the end it turned out to be a lovely home for us. We were there close to four years. I was also 13 years younger. So take your time. Try not to stress yourself too much. Maybe if the sinks and floors are still usable leave them be for now and get moved in. Then do one room at a time.

I am not sure I would try doing that flooring myself. But then I don't know I do things many others would not try to do. We all have our capabilities.

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Shades - you give me hope! lol! The sink can wait but if it'll work in the future, for 45.00 I'll buy it now and stash til next yr! I'll consider the savings on that the excess i'll go over on the faucet. That IS leaking now...

There are no floors except in the kitchen (laminate), 2 baths and disgusting vinyl in the laundry room. looks like someone tried to scorch it! Otherwise just the underfloor stuff. I thought I'd just get 1 box of the laminate and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out for me to do, I'll box it back up and return to them. but if I can even do half a floor a day I'll be happy. and sore - lol! It is that snap together laminate with the underlayment already attached to it. I'd probably just do the smaller bedrooms and mine. My biggest problem will be how to cut the pieces I need to cut. I only have a hack saw - lol! The kitchen and hall and laundry I still want vinyl down.

The floors will wait til I'm already in there with my girl. I'll need the a/c to work in.

ML - the a/c in my old place here is working - it just struggles when it gets over 105 - which it has been over that this past wk and will be all week. During that time I just take a nap so i'm not needing an excess of 'cool down'. Under 105 outside and it does fine. It still cools down outside to the 70's at night and then doesn't really heat up to unbearable til about 1 pm. Then after 6pm (the sun goes down the other side of the mtn to my west) and it cools down again. The a/c works enough then.

prior to this week I was still able to shut the a/c off around 1 - 2 a.m. and open my window - then turn a/c on again around 9 a.m. Now I can't do that. I do prefer real air over a/c!

on dbf - even with my pain I know it doesn't compare to his. If he could do it over he'd have them take it off at the ankle or higher. At the time they tried to convince him but he refused - he wanted to keep all that he could. I find that very normal. I'm sure I'd do the same. He doesn't even take pain pills anymore - and he is back to (has for the past yr) working 14 hr + days. Then he goes home to 3 dogs, 3+ cats and at this time an injured bird he is nursing back to health. He has to feed and take care of that crew!

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Steph, I have a GE Profile in bisque just like the one shown except mine is a glass top. It's been a great stove & I have no trouble reaching the controls, but I'm 5'6".

Hope you all get to feeling better & get some cooler weather. Good luck with the remodel.


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thx Kim! good to know it's a good stove.

I'm just 5'. or was - haven't checked in yrs so maybe I'm shrinking as I get older? lol! (tho, that happens)

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I do hope things are improving in your life....sometimes it just doesn't seem fair, when it rains it pours~~

I just popped in this evening to see what is happening on the "friendliest site" in this forum...and you are right...now much activity...getting too hot, I guess.

I always love to see everyone's small houses....that is what I hope to have when/if this "too big" one ever sells. Some times I get tired of looking at all of the mega houses, with their fancy SS, granite, etc...and wonder just how some of them would manage if they get caught up in this economy crunch.

I hope things improve SOON for you and yours.

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thx so much phoggie! I'll tell ya - I've lived in a few big homes and while raising the kids etc it was good but now - no way. too much to keep up, clean etc. tho, some have someone there with them to help - I don't.

come back more often and check on us! If it'll get you back more I'll even take pics and post when I put in my closet shelves... that should be so exciting. Actually, having the closets and shelves to put my stuff in and on after all of these yrs of stuff stacked around me will be exciting to me!

I like seeing the low budget updates/ remodels to see the creativity that goes into them and how they wiggle around the things they can't change to make it the best they can! It's doing the best you can with what you've got! And they're closer to what would be my own reality.

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I was gone a few days to give the forum time to recuperate from my too-frequent comments, and to give others a chance to speak up. And thankfully, Phoggie and Krayers posted on this thread, and some others on Steph's toothbrush thread. Good show, folks. I won't be around tomorrow, getting new tires, picking up extra shelves for my book cases, and who knows what else. Going to bed momentarily too. G'nite all.

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LOL MoccasinLanding, not too-frequent at all.

Steph, I'm sorry you & dbf are both having so much pain. I hope he gets a foot that will ease his pain soon.

I was in the Phoenix/Sedona area last week. The heat was bad in Phoenix but Sedona wasn't too bad. But the low humidity nearly killed me. It dried out my nose until it burned to breathe, and my eyes were dry and burning too.

I did enjoy those cool evenings and nights though.

I don't know how hard it is to find stoves where you are, but if reaching the back is going to be a problem, I'd sure wait until you find one with knobs on the front or down the side.

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marti - thx. I think both dbf and I are trying to do too much. The heat has started here and is a time not to push it - we both need to cut back. I know I am - hope I can convince him to also (except where my place is involved - lol!)

I agree ML can't post too much!

I hope you enjoyed our lovely Sedona! it is soooo incredibly beautiful up there. I haven't been able to get up there in yrs tho.

"But the low humidity nearly killed me. It dried out my nose until it burned to breathe, and my eyes were dry and burning too. "

the 1st yr living out here in the dryness is a bit difficult. After that - it's wonderful. Going back into humidity is horrible tho. I can't breathe in humidity anymore. we have some times (monsoons) when the humidity gets high here (for us) and it really takes its toll on me. on most people used to the dryness here.

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Oh I agree, it is beautiful there. We stayed in the mountains in a cabin near Sliding Rock Park. The cabin overlooked Oak Creek and was just gorgeous.

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I'm back. but i've been sick again. still am. have been very sick for at least 4 days. so I'm not up doing much of anything. hurts too much, difficult to walk.

the 3 windows and door were supposed to be in last Friday but they didn't get here. hopefully they got 'here somewhere' yesterday. dbf called the guy today to check on them. he'd even lost the guy's ph # and I had to call a shop in AJ and ask them for it. geeze. I can tell he's really concerned.

He came out last wk with the prv owner of the mfg home and brought out his old mattress set for me to use for now on the floor so girl doesn't have to jump up and down far.

he had some grey tiles he thought I could use and brought one out. it's the old type from the 50's. or a school cafeteria floor. so no, I won't be using them. there were flecks all thru them.

He also brought out a different dw. A maytag. it's older, not a new one but does look better than the GE in there. Still, I think GE is a better brand than maytag. will probably have him hold on to the GE for a bit in case the maytag dies out on me. if it does tho I'll probably just look for a KA on sale.

the PO helped dbf take a big old metal desk out of the back bdroom. glad to see that gone. he also checked way at the top of the built in cabinet in my bdrm to see if it was screwed into the wall up there. now I just need someone tall with a ladder to unscrew it all. It should split into 2 parts (each with shelves at the top, one with drawers at the bottom and one w/doors at the bottom. They'll probably go into my 'desk/book' room. They'll need painted or something. eventually.

They also measured all of the rooms for area rugs (he has a ton of them). I just hope they're livable... they will be for a time anyway.

I managed to go to Lowe's last wk before I got so sick (like the day before) and got 3 shelves cut. 1 is still in my car!

the shelves are particle board. should I paint them? if so, wouldn't I need to seal them first? I noticed when over there one day that there was a smell I didn't like - I think it's the boards.

I was going back this past wkend to get bathroom lights - but I was too sick to do that. I hate being sick right now - the temps are down. about 104 today. was only 98 yesterday (or sunday). good temps to get things done.

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windows supposed to be in last Friday. weren't. then Monday. weren't. then he hoped late Tues. nope. tomorrow we'll see if they got in today...

my little a/c in here is really on it's last leg. It won't last thru a number of our really hot days. don't think it got over 104 today - that was a blessing.

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Hey Steph, about that smell it is probably the boards. I'd leave them where they can air out. Should happen quickly in your dry atmosphere, no joke. But the formaldehyde is not good for you, with all the problems you already have.

A friend of mine in Surprise AZ, really Phoenix I suppose, says it is 117 there and her a/c cannot get it lower than 90 inside her house, never goes into her living room because of the heat. I'm thinking I would not know how to live in a dry environment. We have mostly 100% humidity. And it is like swimming when I go outdoors. I can feel the air on my skin, the sweat jumps out instantaneously, and then the body salts run into my eyes. I do not know how to live otherwise....I'd be a fish out of water in AZ.
But you take care. All those chores can wait for better weather.

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Aw Steph I am sorry your health issues have flared up again.I hope your windows arrive soon. I would be melting in 104 heat. UGH

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Oh man, I can't imagine the a/c not getting the temps down.

ML, I'm with you on the humidity. I gripe about it all the time, but I was in Phoenix with my girl friends a few weeks ago. All of us were continually slathering cream onto our dry skin and lip balm on our dry, cracking lips. My eyes dried out and I had to buy eye drops, but the worst was my nose. It dried out and it hurt to even breathe. I'll take a little humidity please.

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I don't know what happened this past wk. I have a cyst on my back - it's been there for over 10 yrs. It's grown a bit and I was gonna go have it removed maybe in the fall. It hasn't been a problem tho, not sore or anything. Until last wk And it swelled up really BIG. not that I could see it. But it stretched my skin way out and caused extreme pain. (that is the same side of my back that I have a muscle problem). It hurt to move. sit up, walk, do anything. I kept hoping it'd drain, but it didn't (sorry if that's gross). I tried to put some pressure on it with my fingers but it's right in a space where I can't reach it without extraordinary powers... lol! IT caused me to get a headache every day. I've been taking tylenol plus my regular meds and was still in pain. finally late yesterday it drained a bit. a very little bit. little by little.

It's much better today - after 6 days! I've never had anything like that happened before - I couldn't believe the pain it caused - and the lack of movement for me. For 6 days I've only done extreme basics. feed, water the dogs, me, take girl out, take me 'out' - lol! I was very glad that last Friday I'd stopped and bought 2 enchilada dinners. Each one is at least 3 meals for me and i knew i wouldn't need to worry about what to eat day to day.

i've been able to walk much better today and use my arms w/o the extreme pain. I'm not going to try too much today yet. Maybe I'll feel like doing a bit more tomorrow.
the other thing is - I keep falling asleep today. Can't stay awake. I've fallen asleep several time just while typing this post! Heck, I can't even proof 2 lines w/o dozing off!

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day - with a lot less pain and the ability to move around more like my normal decrepit self...

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Ouch. That would hurt. Take it easy today so it doesn't come back. I wonder if you are sleepy today because it's been so hard to sleep while in pain?

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that could be marti - I know earlier in the week I was going thru sweats, horrible dreams etc. I think that was when the little antibodies in me were rushing to the site of the 'injury' gazillions of them must have converged on the area and put it on overload.
I did sleep better last night and while I was sleeping it drained some - there was a big spot on the back of my nightshirt this morning. not enough to clear it out but it's a start. maybe those little stinkers will go back 'home' now - to wherever else they normally live in one's body.

It still hurts and is big but not near what it was up to yesterday. I can function a bit more w/o the very extreme pain. right now I'm ready for a nap tho. I'm still falling asleep continually so I think sleeping is needed for healing.

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