Finally! I can now post pictures

citytransplantMay 19, 2008

These pictures are from two of the Christmas gifts I made last year. I have tried repeatedly to post photos. Finally with the help of you wonderful gals, I am able to.

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Oh, I did repair and paint the window trim and touched it up a bit before giving to my daughter to hang on her potting shed.

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Yay! Glad the tutorial worked for you and so nice to see your projects! I have an old window just like that one, but some of the panes are broken out. I love the way you did yours. Now did you paint it on the front or did you do reverse painting on it? I've heard that's really hard to do.
Your butterflies are really pretty too. Are they painted on tiles and then attached to the wood? I have some leftover tiles that I want to paint on for trivets, but I haven't gotten around to that project yet. I don't know how I will be able to transfer a pattern to the slick tile.
Do you use patterns or is everything freehand? I envy anyone who can freehand.
I'm sure the recipients of those gifts were very happy indeed! Thanks for Sharing and glad to have you here! ~Anj

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So glad you were able to follow Anj's directions and get your pics posted for us to see. Love those butterflies, the colors are so pretty. And I'll bet your your daughter is loving that big window scene. Really nice. I'm looking forward to your answers to Anj's questions too. Luvs

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Thanks Anj and Luvs, I have been lurking and admiring the wonderful works that you both have been posting here and have been inspired often.

The window was the first time I tried reverse painting and it kind of boggles my mind. I have a hard enough time thinking "normally" let alone how to paint backwards. It did not turn out as nice I had had envisioned, but I am statisfied with some of the highlights and shadows that were done in reverse.

The tile was easy. I always use ..hmm is it "Chauco" paper to trnasfer my designs. (I have a lot of the the paper but not the label). It is the light blue transfer paper. Are you familiar with it? Anyway..first I sponged the background of the tile in purple and beige using the paint colors that I planned to use for the butterflies, then I varnished it with Creamcoat varnish, transfered the design, painted it and then another 2-3 coats of varnish, so it would look shiny like tile. I love working with left over or clearance tiles, there are so many things to do with them.

Thank you for making feel very welcome to the group.

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Joan, Thanks for joining us here. Your projects turned out great. I will have to try painting on some windows and tile. I haven't ever painted on either one or painting in reverse. Not sure I know how to begin the reverse painting, but I'm always ready to try something new. Maybe you could give me some advise on this. It's so nice to see different things. Punk

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