Had a better 5 day stretch with SS than I expected

lovehadleyFebruary 23, 2009

I talked to DH and was really honest with him about how overwhelmed I have been feeling.

He agreed to ask BM if she wanted to pick SS up from school on Friday and keep him until 7:30 when DH could pick him up after work. BM was happy to do that since she does miss SS when he's at our house for 5 days.

I was home alone with the kids until 9 on Wed night, 8 on Thurs. night and then all day Saturday from 9-6:30. So those few hours on Friday were a nice break.

SS has been getting in trouble a lot at school, and we see a lot of the same issues at home---not listening, talking back, etc. After a week of "blues" (not good reports) at school, DH told SS if he came home with anything less than "yellow," he would lose his Wii and computer for the night. Thursday, he got a blue again so DH held firm and SS was grounded from his video game & the computer. Friday, DH told him the same thing would happen----and SS got a GREEN! Yay! He also told him if he did not a "green" report from me on Saturday that he would lose his game/computer. DH has also told him if he can get a week of greens at school (5 days in a row) he can pick out a small toy---this is a BIG task for SS, he's never gotten more than 1 green a week the WHOLE school year, but I honestly think working towards a goal will be good for him! And I do think it may take a few weeks of trying, but I think he can do it.

Saturday he was VERY, VERY well behaved!

I decided what really helps is keeping busy and that I am more patient if I plan a day that I enjoy, too, as well as the kids. So I made plans with a girlfriend of mine who has a 6 year old, too. We all took my DD to her acting class in the morning, and then we took SS and my friend's little girl to a cool double-decker carousel they love. Then we picked DD up, and we all went to McD's, had lunch and the kids played in the playplace for over an hour. It was GREAT. They had fun and it was nice for me to have some adult conversation.

I need to remember---keeping busy and planning activities makes the day so much better for ALL of us.

Sunday DH stayed home all day, and it was actually a nice day.

I feel better. Remind me this for our next 5 day stretch, ok?

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Congratulations!!! A good week, good actions by DH and you and kid. A triple!

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Glad to hear your 5 day stretch went so well! Keep up the good work. Glad to hear your dh put some ground rules down with his ds and that he had bm pick up some of his slack so you could get a break too.

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Love, I'm so glad you had a success of a weekend. Now you know it can happen, and you have a better idea of how to get there. You can keep improving on the things you learn work, so keep positive. You all will work out a good system.

I'm really glad DH and BM were able to work out an alternative that works for all of you.

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