Rustic Patriotic sign

luvstocraftMay 14, 2009

One more patriotic sign painted on a rough weathered fence board. Luvs

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Oh, I like this one too! You whipped these out pretty quick. You should have a good little stash to take with you on your trip. Very cute. =) ~Anj

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I really, really like this sign-is this Chris Thornton also?
You did a great job! I love America!!!

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Luvs, this would look perfect on my deck. You can really paint fast.

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PG, I've already put the book away, so don't remember who designed this one. The original had a heart and a little rag bow where I put the star. I already had the star cut out so decided to just use it.

PF, I forgot to tell you that I recently went to the Sugar Plum Festival at the Orange County fairgrounds. I went right before Easter. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I was surprised at how many very simple rustic items they had for sale. These used to be really popular but trends had seemed to change, but now it looks like they're back.
I remember seeing lots of bunny or egg shapes on stakes. With your painting skills, I'm sure you probably have lots of really neat signs for your deck. ;o)

Anj, I think I'm taking a pretty good variety of things along. Hard to know what people will like. I've got everything from rose items to these rustic ones and even some Christmas, so hopefully there will be something for everyone! I actually am quite proud of how many things I've gotten painted this last month or so! Just don't expect that all the time! LOL


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What a great project. Your relatives are going to love, love, love you! Punk

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this is very cool luvs! i love the idea of the fence board ... looks so americana (is that the right word?) old america ?? anyhow ... i love this! would make a darn good house number base.

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Luvs....I am definitely going to "borrow" this idea. It is just right for my decor. Might even make a sign for the yard....awesome!


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