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gail1055May 21, 2008

Hi, I'm back home in the northwoods and it's freezing here. If it doesn't warm up soon I'm going back to Florida!

Anyway...I went to the art assc. meeting last night and they love the fan blades I've been painting during the winter in FL. They think they will sell here at our show in the fall. I told them I've been getting $10 for them and they think I should be asking $20. Here's some pics.

Gail ;~)

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Gail~ you've been a busy little bee. Guess the warm weather agrees with you. I commisserate with you on being back in the cold. No fun.
I agree with the ladies in your group. Go for the higher price at your show. You can always lower it if they aren't selling for that price, but I think they will. They are all so pretty, but I especially love that cat one. How fun. Great job on all of them! ~Anj

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Gosh, Gail, you put the rest of us to shame--you have painted so many fan blades. They are great as always. I too love the kitties and the dog one. Hope you have great sales on them at your show. Be sure to keep us updated on your projects and how the show goes. Luvs

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Thanks, I'm glad you like them. I don't think I'm going to paint any chairs this year. I'm getting burnt out painting them and I have a lot more fun painting fan blades and signs. Of course I'll do special orders. The quilt lady has closed her store. They had such a terrible winter here that lots of business suffered. However she did manage to sell my bear bench and 2 chairs. The rest I can put in this years show. Gail

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That's great that she sold some of your items. Sorry to hear she had to close the store. Bet you are glad you were able to miss that terrible winter, huh? Luvs

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