patriotic pots

paintgirl2008May 28, 2008

Hope this comes out well, i am still learning about pics. two of my patriotic pots for 4th of July. Happy painting everyone!!

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You know I'm an Americana fan and these both look great. Your eagle turned out so good. Did you use a pattern for that? They are gonna look wonderful for the 4th. Are you using them on your picnic table to hold utensils or do you plan to plant in them? If you are planting them what flowers will you use? I love geraniums in pots...mainly cause they are hard for me to kill. ha I'm not a greenthumb. ~Anj

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I have a wonderful daughter that will take anything I paint,so I will probably give these to her.I plant in some of my pots, and they make good gifts for friends, and I have sold some at craft shows.Just love doing it! I didn't have a pattern for the eagle-saw a pic of one and used that for inspiration.I keep saying this but I have really enjoyed this forum and getting to see what others are doing-I guess we get blessings from each other!! Painting is THE best hobby I have ever had!
Y'all are good people!!!

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I really like your eagle pot. Great that you were able to just look at a picture and do it. Is the rim sponge painted or just pounced on? Fun to get more texture and a completely different look that way.

Geraniums are my long time favorite. Just such pretty colors and vibrant blooms. They can be a bit leggy and messy as they get older and bigger--lots of little dead leaves to clean up too, but then I just prune them back and plop them in the ground somewhere and they usually do fine. ;o)

So glad you are enjoying this forum. Isn't it fun to have others to share your projects and ideas with? I love it.


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You really did a great job without a pattern! I do ok without them, but I'd rather have one. ha I don't feel confident enough in my skills. I'm painting a fish for my brother and even though it's fairly simple, it's taking me forever cause I'm trying to do it on my own. ha Your daughter is gonna love those. Glad you are liking it here with us cause we are sure enjoying having you here! I promise I'll pick up my end over here and post a new project or two soon. :) ~Anj

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