Light fixtures and cabinet

deickhoff0July 13, 2014

Do they need to be in same dolor family?

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What type of cabinet are you talking about Deickhoff0? And are you speaking of the hardware on the cabinet or the cabinet itself. More details would help.

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I'm talking about cabinet pulls. They are an iron look so silver family. Most light fixtures I like are a bronze (brown not gold bronze). My cabinets are a med to dark cherry in shaker style

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That's what I thought you meant. Allergies are causing brain fog, so I wanted to make sure.
In my personal opinion, I wouldn't worry about them matching. Our kitchen light fixture is an bronzed gold and the drawer pulls are brushed nickle.
I don't have any photos on my laptop of the kitchen yet, or I'd share.
Oh wait, I have this very old one on Photobucket that shows just a bit of the light fixture over the cook top. I took it the Thanksgiving our son got home from the middle east. We didn't even have the cup drawer pulls on yet.

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thanks! More opinions appreciated

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Annie Deighnaugh

You can mix metals, but it helps if the metal appears more than once in the space. Then again, the metal on my breakfast nook pendant appears nowhere else in the house. Go figure.

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While Im able to match finishes on new build, one of best examples to myself of unmatched not being such a deal breaker was realizing that without looking, didnt know any of the finshes in my current master bath.

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Annie, that's the way my island fixture is too. At one time it matched the chandelier in the adjoining Sunroom, but that's been removed and replaced with brushed nickel.
Here's another one I found on Houzz. The light fixtures are black and the cabinet hardware is silver tone, not sure of the exact finish.

Farmhouse Kitchen by Kohler Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Kohler

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