PEACE series

luthienMay 10, 2009

this is the first time i'm posting on gallery... dunno if it works the same way as the main page ... i guess if this post is successful then i'm on the right track!

just wanna share some of my latest designs with you :) call them my "peace series" ... i've been so into designing and painting stuff like that, i've been neglecting my folk art :p... but i find these designs so versatile when it comes to combining them into my crafts. at least i dun have to steal other ppl's designs :)

as always, i paint my design on canvas first using acrylics. then scan them into the computer so i can do reprints of them in different sizes and use them in multiple craft projects.

the first pic is my originals on canvas, plus 2 doodles i made using ink.

the second pic is the crafts i came up with so far... 2 keyholders and a placemat . the placemat is originally a wooded artist's palette, good size about 15 x 12 inches, perfect for a placemat!

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog if you want some more ramblings on the creative processes :)

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Beautiful work your doing on your place mats. Those peace signs remind me of my high school days. Boy am I telling on myself on that one! We had all the bright colors that came back.
It's great to have you here posting with us again. Punk

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I'm getting a "this photo is currently unavailable" notice inside a huge white space. Wonder why Punk can view them and I can't? Luvs

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hmm... luvs, you are right... i get blanks as well but i could click on them and they would take me into my flickr page. have you tried that? mayb the photo is too big and gw can't open it in the page.

punk :)) thanks! we ALL love bright colors!!!

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I clicked on them like you suggested and it took me to your album. They are lovely, very vibrant colors. Luvs

P.S. those would have been really large pictures!

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They are awesome Luthien. Love how you used the paint palette...turned out great for placemats! The peace flowers totally remind me of the 60's. Very cool! ~Anj

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You are so talented, Luthien. And you certainly have no fear when it comes to color. I can't imagine the time it takes to do that inking! Very pretty. It does remind me of the 60's also - glad to have you back.

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hello ladies :))
thank you for all your sweet comments! i love 60's 70's prints, colors and fashion. so vibrant so liberating :)) it was great fun doing the peace series ... it was , surprisingly, healing... dunno why :)) felt good :))

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