Lady Liberty

luvstocraftMay 10, 2008

Searched through some old painting books for ideas for the 4th of July and found this design by Myra Mahy. I cut it out and have been painting on it the last couple of days. Think it will hang on my side gate by the driveway. You can click on the pic to enlarge it. I had a hard time with the flash, so not the best pic I'm afraid. Can you tell I'm a painter not a photographer? ;o) Luvs

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Just dropped in for a second before I have to run kids to school but.......I LOVE HER!! She is so stinkin cute! How in the heck do you get those cheeks so perfect? I have a hard time with those so please give me a tip! I like the real buttons and your words look very nice too. I like how they are lined. Very wonderful piece that will look cute cute on your gate. =) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, no secret on the cheeks, I struggle with them sometimes too. Have been know to wipe them off and do them again even. Sometimes I just get lucky! LOL

Looks like you are the only one who liked her, huh? We sure need lots more posters on this forum don't we?

I'm working on a couple of garden signs now. Just have to do the lettering and some finishing details.


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hi I have been on here many times and have never left a message. I never know what to say, but this time I wanted to let you know that she is really cute. I love the cheeks. Are they real buttons? Anyway, I love this forum and think all of you are very talented. I wish I could do half the things you all do. I am still learning how to paint and as I see many times we are our own worst critic. Keep up the great work. There are lots of us that just don't know what to say.
Have a great day all.

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Lady Liberty is just wonderful Luvs. You always do the best work.

Learningtopaint: Welcome to the forum!! You'll meet some fantastic folks here and see some awesome painting projects. Don't worry about not being good enough, we've all thought that at one time or another (I still do). Hope you'll share some of your project pics with us. We love the pics around here.


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Hi Sue, I'm so glad you came out of lurkdom to chat with us finally. It's so nice to meet new painters.

Isn't it exciting to take a blank piece of wood or metal or glass and add a pretty design? I still sometimes see something I had painted and given as a gift and I think "Wow, I can't believe I painted that!"

You don't need to be shy here, we are all pretty nice as you know if you have been reading for awhile. We are so fortunate to have painters here with a wide range of experience too. That just means that if you have a question, someone can probably help because they've had the same problem before.

Also, everyone has their own style of painting so that makes it even more interesting to look at all the pics that get posted.

I hope you will continue to come chat with us and someday start posting pics of your own projects too. I'm sure you know we also have a gallery and a conversations section here too, so feel free to chime in on any of the posts. We're glad to have you--the more the merrier. ;o)

Thanks for your nice comment Sal, I enjoy doing the fun cutesy kind of projects. They make me smile.


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I love your patriotic little woman. I don't know how I missed this but it's definitely worth seeing. I posted my last project over on the craft forum because you had ask if anyone was doing anything. If not many respond it's because they are busier than normal with all the yard work I'm sure. I plan to post some pictures of my yard this year on the garden web. I have 2 acres and to many flowers to keep up with. Ha as Anj says, but it's fun.

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I knew I couldn't be the only one who liked her even though I am an Americana freak. ha I just think people sometimes forget to look at the gallery.

Sue~ hi and welcome. Don't be shy just jump right in. The only way to make friends online is to chat it up with us!! ha We love to have you here. A lot of us here are self taught (I am anyway) so don't be shy about posting your beginner projects either. I'm sure you are your own worst critic.

Phonegirl~ you naughty thing....sharing your painting projects on crafts instead of here. ha (At least I assume its a painting project) ha You should at least post a link for us. ha I'm off to find it. =)


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thanks all Like I said I have been apart of the forum for about a year now and just never joined in. I'm sure there are a lot more people just like me out there. We enjoy everything that goes on here.

You are all really nice here. My favorite part is when someone asks a question and no one knows the answer, you will still answer so they know that someone is here along with them. Just ask the question someone will answer.

The gallery is great. I love all the things that people paint. It always gives me great ideas.

I really don't know much about the computer. I can get my emails and I love to come here. You are all really great here. I'm going to get my husband to figure out how to post pictures. He is the computer wizard in the house.( if you knew him you would know that is funny) Anyway thanks again for the welcome. One day maybe I will be able to show you some of the things I have painted.
Take care all.

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Oh my goodness Ms Sue...I can't believe you held out for a whole year from speaking to us. ha We don't bite....hard. hahahah We hate it when it's slow here so we love to have all the posters we can get! It's so sad to come and nothing new has been posted.
If you go over to the Discussion side there is a tutorial on picture posting if you or DH want to check it out. It's pretty simple. Hope you can post pics soon, but even if not get in here and chat with us. As you have seen, we are a friendly bunch. We talk about every day happenings on the Conversation side. It's usually just me and Luvs there, (for a long time it was only the 2 of us here so we've formed a great friendship), but please jump in any time you want to. :)
So are there any other of the forums here that you hang out in? I can be found occasionally on Garden Junk and Crafts and I know Luvs is there too and she's a regular on Holidays. I'm not sure about the other ladies, but I think at least one is over on Quilts and another on Home Decorating. I like Trash to Treasure too, but I've been so busy lately I haven't gotten to browse there for a while. It gives me a lot of ideas. I have a serious addiction to the Thrift Stores (TS). I love going there to buy things to repurpose and paint. Gives me a cheap thrill. hahaha Anyway, please don't slide back into lurkdom!! ~Anj

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Hi Anj No I really don't think I will end up in lurdom any more. I surprised my self with not adding to the conversations. In my everyday life people tell me I talk way to much. I find that hard to believe.!!!!

I have already asked a couple of questions on the Discussion side and Kraftylady was right there answering. I love this forum. I do go to all the same forums you go to. That is how I heard about them...... but just like here I don't talk over there either.

I think now that I have started here you will see a lot more of me. As for pictures I just am not that good. I have done a couple of things I am pleased with but over all its bad. But I have fun doing it.

One day maybe I will post both the good and the bad so everyone can have a laugh. Its okay I know what I can and can't do.

Anyway, I am glad I finally came out of lurkdom and you never know there maybe pictures real soon.

Have a great day all

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Phonegirl, I headed over to crafts to see your post. Anj is right, you can post both here and there. ;o) I really like red, white, and blue items even though I don't decorate my house that way.

Sue, you will have to share a little about yourself with us sometime. Some of us have some info on the My Page info, but mine might need to be updated, I haven't looked at it for awhile. Anj, is so right, we hate to stop by here and no one has posted--I even look forward to just a "good morning" post on conversations. I enjoy hearing about everyone's plans for the day even. That's how we get better acquainted with each other, so don't hesitate to join in.


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Phonegirl~ very nice Americana piece. Very crisp lines! I'm always nervous painting on an unpainted piece because if I make a mistake there is no painting over it! Looks really good! ~Anj

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Sorry it has taken me so long to answer this. I did not paint that it was a transfer I had. That's why I posted it over on the crafts. I always stain my raw wood and most wood before I paint and never have a problem. It seems to take the paint and not bleed. Try it Anj and I think u will like painting on wood that has been sealed. It saves me alot of time even when I paint the whole project because it doesn't need as much paint to cover. Also u can leave part looking like wood if it works out right.

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