Bread Box

phonegirlApril 19, 2008

This was an old bread box I had saved. Today since it snowed all afternoon, I painted. I plan to take it to the cabin.

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I used to have a bread box similar to yours--wasn't nearly as pretty as your's is now though. ;o)


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What a sweet paint job, nice decoration for an old breadbox. Keep up the good work. But gee, I am dying to know...snowed all afternoon? Where the heck are you located to have snow?

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Gosh, I've never seen one of those painted before. It turned out great. I'd hate to wish more snow on anyone, but if it helps get more results like these then I might be tempted. ha ~Anj

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THe bread box is very pretty and you did a great job. SNOW??? Bet it was pretty. I would love the snow if it didn't have to get so cold. I haven't seen snow in 14 years - that was the last time it snowed in Florida and it was only an inch but I was able to scrape enough off the cars to build a 12" snowman. At least it keeps you inside and painting.

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I live in Montana, the Big Sky Country, where it snows later than I wanted it to this year. We got more today but it warmed up enough to melt most of it. More expected tomorrow. I had company most of the day so I didn't have much time to paint. I started a sign that says "Only God Can Make Flowers and Trees, I'm In Charge of Weeds and Seeds". I found some neon acrylic paint so I will use it for some flowers and leaves. Could be hideous, but I'll put it out in my gd playhouse if I don't want it in one of the garden areas. Gotta be different and try it. You are all so nice that I might not post it if I can't qiut laughing when it's done. I used these colors of paint in highschool, how about the rest of u?

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Beautiful job! dont you just love takeing something old and makeing it beautiful agine!

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Love the breadbox. It's bright, and pretty, and cheery!

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That is beautiful!!!
Good thing to do when you're stuck inside.

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