anjabeeApril 15, 2008

Remember these guys? I painted them quite a while ago. (I have since painted their eyes)

Well, the other day my DB found these little guys at the TS and brought them to me. I painted them up and now I have a full set! Fer cute! ;)

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What a sweet DB. They will make a cute display with your other two. Nice paint job as always too. Luvs

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Soooo cute! beautiful painting job! love how you did the eyes!

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Thanks ya'll. Painting ceramics is a little different and dare I say more difficult (for me anyway) than painting on a flat surface. I just bought 2 more ceramic pieces at the TS. 2 large Thanksgiving Pilgrim Bears (girl & boy). I'm looking forward to getting them painted up. Thanks again. :) ~Anj

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It is different! I started with that stuff and went to flat and I have to be in the mood to paint ceremics! :)Nice eyes...

Anj, I tried to post a message to you but you know apparently I'm not allowed to because it's gone? I wanted to e-mail ya about something but you don't have a link through here...can ya e-mail me through GW?

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Those are just darling, Anj! Good job!!

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Thank was fun to do.

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