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phonegirlApril 11, 2009

I found two of these plaques at Ross's that had been marked down to $2.99. The picture on them was an old chef that I didn't like so I did some slip slap and covered it up. I left some room on top of the pansies so I could personalize it for a gift. I painted the two side pansies to my liking and painted the center one from Sue Pruetts book.

The home I grew up in had crystal door knobs so I'm sure that's why they caught my eye. There is still one door with a crystal knob up in the top of the barn and I've keep an eye on it in case I get up to painting on it. haha

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Punk, your pansies are really pretty, and I love the way you paint your leaves. Want to share your techinique? That's a cute plaque, very clever of you to recognize it as a painting surface. I love those old glass knobs too. Always thought I'd love to have a bowl of them sitting on my window ledge. ;o) Luvs

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Thanks and I'd love to share how I painted the leaves. I used two greens mixed and painted the front leaves, then painted the back leaves the darker color. Then highligted around the leaves with the lighter color. Loaded brush with dark cherry to shade the darker areas. Used a liner mixed with water to apply vein lines.

Side loaded brush with golden brown and added highlights to the front leaves. Then side loaded with blue and added high lights to some of the leaves and tips. I don't wash my brush in between steps unless its necessary. I like having a different look on the different leaves. Next loaded liner again and reworked the vein lines.

These are not some of my better leaves but this is how I get the different look that you seem to enjoy. Wish I would of taken more time and made more real looking curvy leaves now that I look at it. Hope this helps and is easy to follow.

My ds just threw away several doors with these knobs before building his new home. I told him I wanted them but you know young kids. When I ask him where they were he said they didn't have time to removed them. He had an excavator come in and then a truck hauled it off. Broke my heart but I got over it. Sigh Punk

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anjabee looks awesome. Your pansies are perfect...leaves and all!! My MIL loves pansies. I should learn how to paint some for her. Love the doorknobs too. My g-ma had those in her house and I thought they were diamonds when I was little. Coolest thing ever. ha Can't believe your DS threw them away! Ahhh. I don't think I'd ever get over that. ha Probably still makes you feel a little sick if you think about it too much.
Great job on your project. Hope you get around to painting that door some day. I'll be excited to see what you do with it. ~Anj

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Thanks Anj, I will keep painting pansies until I get them perfected. I like these the best so far but feel like I have along way to go.

Your right I haven't gotten over the crystal knobs but life must go on. LOL With the life I lead can't even think about painting on the door. I have a perfect wall that is a 45 angle between three of my rooms that it would be awesome to paint a scene like your walking through. Till something happens I'll keep dreamomg. If we don't have our dreams what do we have. haha


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Punk, these are really pretty. You are so talented. I can't believe you think they could be better!

Too bad about the glass door knobs. When your DS is 60, he might regret it, smile. We had a family friend when I was little who had them in her farm house. Now we have glass knobs in our house (1938) and I love them.

Thanks for explaining how you do the leaves. I could have used those instuctions for my latest project.

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CC, thanks, your so funny. I'm glad you found time to stop by. Been wondering where you are and what you've been up to. Punk

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Punk, now I know why your leaves look so pretty--lots of layers of shading on them. And your veins are so good too. Thanks for explaining your "technique". Luvs

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punk... those pansies are really beautiful! i love painting pansies ... and the door knobs, brilliant idea!

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Punk, your pansies are very pretty, seems to me you have perfected them already.

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Thanks Luthien and Bebe for your sweet comments. I haven't had time to paint lately. It's more fun to come here and see all of your beautiful work. I will try to get back to painting pretty soon so I can do my part. Punk

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Punk, your pansies have personalities, each a little different. One is proud, another just a little arrogant and the last one, maybe just a little fierce and all beautifully done.

Have your DS price those door handles, then he will be sick!


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