Here Comes Santa Claus

phonegirlApril 13, 2010

Finished painting this ceramic Santa tray tonight. I've had this for years so it's great to have another project done except for varnishing.


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Wow! Punk....where to Santa is wonderful! The beard is just about the greatest I have ever seen! This nose is so soft and natural and the eyes...everthing is so great!

Thanks for sharing and doesn't it feel good to move things from the "to do" to done!

Thanks for sharing!


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Belle, thanks for your sweet comments. I'm so happy every time I finish another project. I'm working on getting a craft room and that would be so wonderful.


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I have found ceramics to be difficult to paint, but yours looks great. The shading on the cheeks is awesome. I like him a lot. And congrats on getting a long awaited project done. I have lots of those half finished projects that are sitting around calling me to get r done! ha It does feel good when you get them finally completed!

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Thanks Anj, How long has it been since you tried painting on ceramics? I think you would be awesome painting on ceramics. Might want to give it another try if it's been awhile.

Now that I look at him, I think he could use some eye lashes. I didn't try it before because there is a ridge above his eyes. Might just have to go give it a whirl.


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Oh gosh, how did I miss this? Guess I hadn't clicked over here for awhile. Neat Santa tray, would look really cute propped on an easel or even hung on the wall. You got just the perfect "blush" on his cheeks. A few eyelashes might be nice. His lips really stand out in the pic--probably because of the angle. I agree that the beard, mustache and eyebrows look fantastic. Glad you got another of your projects crossed off your list--I know how good that feels! ;o)


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