Cheating Bunny

colorcrazyApril 14, 2009

I found this wooden bunny in the Thrift Store on Saturday. It said "JAKE" on the carrots. I was buying stuff for an Easter basket for my 89 yo mother, June. So all I had to do was re-paint two carrots. Someone here on this forum made me realize that stuff can be re-painted. Thanks!

(Didn't think to take a pix of the back of the rabbit, but it had a "real" cotton tail.)

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CC, I think the TS bug has gotten you too. woohoo Great find and it's wonderful that all you had to change was the two letters. Everyone here shops the TS but me. My sis does it for me. Yard sales are my bag, I seem to come up with new customers just by stopping and finding alittle something. Still having your mom at 89 is the best. Punk

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Congrats on finding your cute little bunny--and for remembering that you can repaint things. Bet your Mother thought it was so sweet.

Your bunny brought back a memory for me. My friend and I used to make allot of the little cutout figures and loved having them holding things like the little carrots on your bunny. One day our friend/neighbor guy asked "do you guys realize ALL your "creations" seem to be holding stuff?" We really hadn't thought about it until then. Made us realize that maybe we needed to "branch out" a bit and paint some other things. LOL


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Uh-oh....looks like we have another TS convert on our hands. ha CC~ you did a great job changing this rabbit to fit your need. I LOVE the TS! Go there every chance I get. Mine has such good prices and tons of things to be revamped or painted. I know your DM will love the bunny! I hope you find lots more things at the Ts to paint! ~Anj

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Now I know that I have to find better TS's. How fun and a great gift. Did you redo all of the carrots? They sure look nice.


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Thanks, all. I wouldn't have had the nerve if it hadn't been for seeing what you all do. Belle, I had to touch up the other carrots because I couldn't match the orange exactly. As you can see, my "U" is a little shaky. I have some palsy in my right hand, so lettering is hard for me. DH is so supportive, he said Mom wouldn't see the mistakes, but I can see it in the pix. (He was probably right, though that she couldn't.)

Anj, we have a great TS - I go almost every Saturday. We get all our books there and sometimes I grab clothes for myself or my mother. Funny, my boss and I are the only ones in our office that buy clothes at the TS. The others make less money and shop the fancy stores. Go figure!

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CC, I didn't notice anything wrong with your U on the carrot. It looks just fine to me. And your Mom will be thrilled that you gave her such a cute bunny.

I struggle (actually read that as "fight") with doing lettering and I have no excuse to offer! LOL I've finally given up on trying to do "stroke" letters and now just use my smaller brushes--that's the only way I can make them somewhat uniform and neat! Luvs

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