My prim picture (repaint)

anjabeeApril 3, 2009

Hi. I finally got my little repaint picture done. I totally forgot to take the before....darn it. The whole entire thing has been repainted. Just the basic outline is the same. All the colors are different and I changed the houses up a bit and added a sheep or two and just crisped it up a bit. I got it at the TS and it was in pretty bad shape with lot of marks and scratches on it.

Note: I cannot take a good picture for anything.

The shading on the corners all match and are not so dark as they appear.

A little closer....

a little closer...


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Anj, beautiful repaint. You rock! I think yours is so much prettier than the original. You brought this back to a great project you can cherish forever. Punk

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That is a darling picture, so good that you had the foresight to know that you could refresh it and give it new life. Love the houses and those darlin little sheep. Can I live in the little white house with the tree and little fence around it????? Luvs

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Thanks you guys. I wish I'd have taken the before picture so you could have seen how it looked. As soon as I saw it at the TS I loved it, but the colors weren't great and it was like a really light print. The leafy vine was messy and one toned, the trees were like a light green and black mottled look, the houses were really crooked (I took a ruler and re-drew them)and I didn't like the color of them. Luvs~ the little white house was an ugly baby blue and just outlined in another blue. I hated it. ha I like the way it turned out. I have noticed a few things from the pictures that I need to go back and touch up. One of the sheep is missing a tail!! Oh my!! ha I'm sure the more I look at it the more I'll find. Wish the pictures would show the true colors but you get the idea.

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pezabelle is sooooooooooo great! To be able to see something and just know you can make it over and better is awesome! but to actually do it is even better....

From other posts and yours as well, maybe we all need to take pictures of our projects and look to see what we have missed. It happens almost every time someone posts a pictures, how fun!


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It is interesting how we notice little details from our posted pictures that we didn't see when looking at the object itself. I sure didn't notice a little lamb tail missing--was just enjoying the whole scene too much I guess.

Even on the holiday forum, Judith had told us that she often takes a picture or two of her decorated table then reviews it to see what needs tweaking. Interesting, huh?

I'm really impressed, Anj, that you knew you could pretty this one up. You sure did a nice job on it.


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Thanks you guys. It goes perfect in my house...Americana Prim. ha
It sure seems like the camera captures what our naked eye misses. ha I used to think it was just me, but I'm glad to know everyone does it. I wonder why??? Funny that Judith does that with her tables too. =) ~Anj

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I don't have prim in my home but that would look great anywhere. You sure have a lot of patience, Anj, it turned out great - ok, I think I see where the tail goes but who else would have noticed?

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