Fall leaves and acorns tray

luvstocraftApril 1, 2009

Here's a pic of my latest painted tray. I used a Fall pattern that was in a book sent to me by a good friend. The book is Little Blessings from Above by Cheryl Frisk.

I developed a real "thing" for acorns this past Fall, so just couldn't wait to use this design. There's also a pattern for a napkin holder too, so I may cut one of those out and paint it as well. Figured I could display this tray on an easel as part of a centerpiece. ;O)

Sorry for the glare on the pic, I'm not a very good photographer I'm afraid. ;o(


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Hi, Luvs

This is really pretty. I agree that you should stand it on a display easel so people can see it. Is that a black background? It really makes the colors "pop." We had a fall-ish day today - overcast and rainy.

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Luvs, your tray is stunning, I love it. I think I have this pattern too and have always wanted to paint it. This might be enough to make me do it, someday.LOL It will be beautiful as a centerpiece for your fall table. Punk

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Luvs........Beautiful tray! My that is a lot of work on one project but you did a beautiful job of it! I love fall colors and your leaves are outstanding!

Thanks for sharing!


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Oh Wow! That turned out so awesome! Don't you love it?? You little acorn nut you! hahaha Love the dark background with all the colors. It's a beautiful fall piece. Now you just need to start looking for some squirrels to go with it for your fall decor! Wouldn't that be cute!! Then you could leave them up all thru the season! I'm glad you got to paint it and share it with us!! It's great! =D ~Anj

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Oh gosh, everybody's already been by here today! Glad you enjoyed seeing my tray, I enjoyed painting it. As usual, I know mine is not nearly as good as the original, but I feel it still looks good and I'm so happy to have something with "acorns" to decorate with now. Too bad it now has to get stashed away in the shed until Fall--but it will be fun when I pull it out and get to enjoy it again. I'm so glad my friend shared this book with me, I really like this pattern and may use portions of it for other projects as well. I'm glad you all don't mind that some of my projects are "off season", but I just have to do them while I'm excited about them or I might never get it done. This was the last tray in my stash so now on to pulling out some more of my collection of "treasures" to try to get them all painted up too. Wish me luck. Luvs

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I hate that you would put it away, it is so pretty - keep it out a while to enjoy it. Sometimes I don't put my Christmas items I paint away at all, I put them on the wall in my paint room. I say paint what you like when you like so now is as good a time to paint fall as - well, fall time.

I admire that you are trying to finish up your treasures. I really need to buckle down and get mine done also.

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