Snowman shovel

anjabeeApril 16, 2008

Ok, I need some advice. Here is a little wooden shovel I got from the TS. I painted it with a Renee Mullins design. My question is...I think it needs something else. I do plan on putting a bow at the top with some rusty bells hanging down, but I'm thinking it needs some words either on the handle itself, going down the stick part or around the picture part on the bottom. Where should I put the words and any suggestions on which words to use? I was thinking something like Make your own snowfriends...5c each. Or should I just paint that on a hang tag to hang down from the bow? Whatcha think? ~Anj

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What a cute pattern for the shovel. Just Perfect. You've done such a good paint job on it. I like your saying for it. Not sure the handle is wide enough for words to show up good, but maybe you could paint them around the bottom edge of it. It looks so neat just the way it is too, maybe try the hang tag idea first. Maybe a good sized one hanging down from the bow you put on it. Whatever you decide, it is darling. Luvs

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Thanks for posting your snowman. He's darling. I've always painted free snow, Shovel all u want, on most of my shovels but I'm not sure u need to paint anything. I like the idea of a bow and the bells. If u wanted something funny u could paint "some of my friends are flakes," since there's 4 of them. We were suppose to get 6" of snow tonight but so far nothing and I'm glad. Keep painting and we'll keep enjoying. I've been to busy to do much lately but thanks to Luvs I couldn't pass up coming over to the gallery for a peek.

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I like the idea of painting words down the handle, maybe something you can paint towards the bottom so the bells and ribbon won't cover it up. These are the cutest and of course you always do a great job.

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I think some carrots (poly clay or wood) on a green ribbon would be really cute. The painting is awesome

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Thanks ya'll. Lots of good to implement. ha Glad ya'll enjoyed it. It was fun to do. I love Renee Mullins patterns. ~Anj

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Beautiful! as always, love that snowman! so cute, I vote on a ribbon around the handle, maybe add a sprig of pine and berries,
dont think it needs anything else.

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Thanks for the compliment oddie. I will do some kind of ribbon or bow with rusty bells...hadn't thought of adding pine and berries! Thank you. :) ~Anj

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Love it! I think it's good as is :)

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