Fall Into Autumn Tin

phonegirlApril 4, 2009

I painted this tin with a fall theme. I still might paint something on the black area on top but couldn't decide what I wanted to paint on this. The pictures aren't great but you'll be able to see the results. Don't know what I'll use it for other than candy or popcorn balls. I got all my other projects varnished and will put this in the to finish area for later.

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I really like the design you painted on it, it looks great. I like it much better this way. Good job. Luvs

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Thanks, I forgot to say this is one of JMP Between the Vines pattern on the top and the ring of pumpkins around it is out of Holiday Medley by Nina Owens if anyone cares. After seeing this posted I will go back and darken my shading on the pumpkins a little more. The white high lightes are showing up a little bold.


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Punk, how gorgeous! I love fall colors and scenes. Your tin is excellent! I like the black around your art, it really draws attention to the center.

Thanks for sharing!


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Punk, I thought that about my fall leaf tray when I saw the pics I posted on here--but in real life the hilights didn't look so bold. That may be the case with your cute little tin too. Luvs

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Thanks, Bell. I do like my black background and have a hard time getting away from it. As long as others enjoy looking, I'll keep posting. haha

Luvs, I'll take another look and maybe your right, I didn't think it was bold until I seen it posted.

Thanks again, Punk

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Oh wow! That turned out so cute. Much better than the original. Looks totally different now. I like how the black highlites it too. Perfect design for it.

I'm so glad we aren't sticking with the seasons as they come like I've been used to doing. Makes it "ok" for me to paint what I want when I feel like it. Glad we didn't have to wait for fall to see this. And now I want popcorn balls. ha ~Anj

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This is really cute and the colors are perfect for the tin. Great job, Punk.

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