Painted suitcase

luvstocraftApril 22, 2007

Finished painting my suitcase. Sort of one stroke plus experimental roses--trying to get a more fluffy/shabbychic looking rose. Not too bad for my first try, but lots of room for improvement. ;o)

Would love to find some of the old square cosmetic cases too--they paint up really pretty.

The inside of this one is in really good condition, but I haven't painted anything inside it yet, may add a few roses later.


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I think it is LOVELY! Good job!

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Luvs, that is absolutely beautiful! You are sooooo good with the roses.

What a lucky GD to have a grandmother that does such pretty things!

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Very nice Luvs. I like your idea of putting the dots inside the rose bud area, that really makes it stand out.


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WOW and more WOW !!!!!!!!!! That is gorgeous, Luvs! Ok, so now you are going to make me a pink fan too it seems.
I love this. You are such a talented painter and I am always amazed at folks who can do this. I am doing good to paint a WALL.


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Just beautiful!!!! I love roses too!

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Thanks for all the kind words ladies. I enjoyed doing it. Glad you enjoyed seeing it. Now you know I do accomplish something besides hang out on the forums all the time--however the forums are very addictive! ;o) Luvs

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Luvs, you did great!!! You experiment really well, I love the background - did you sponge it on?

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Well done as always luvs. Your practice has sure paid off. Love your "fluffy" roses. What are you going to use the suitcase for? I mean, besides a suitcase,ha, anything special? ~Anj

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Hi PF, the background was just "slip slap" painting with a double loaded cheap paintbrush. You could certainly get a similar effect by sponging it. I still want to get better at doing the roses, but know that will come with practice. Want to do the one stroke sunflower next I think--just need to find a surface that I want to do it on. ;o)

Thanks, Anj, they are not perfect by any means, but will keep doing them until I get better at it. If I keep the suitcase, I will probably put GD's play dress up clothes in it--and slide it under the guest room bed. I have them in a zippered plastic bag now. When she saw it yesterday, all she said was "what's inside it?" LOL However, I would sort of like to find a canvas one and paint raggedy's or some other toy type design on it for her. Something more kid style. A small one with wheels would be great so she could drag it around the house. I might just sell this one when we have a yard sale--just don't have the room to keep very much stuff anymore.

Okay, I showed you mine, now I am waiting to see your first one stroke project--first projects are so exciting! ;o)


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I have a big piece of slate that I wanting to do mine on, but have to wait for the rain to go away so I can paint outside. Not lugging that piece of stone in the house to paint it. ha If it turns out ok I'll post a pic or it may have to be sanded more than once. I'm afraid that's what's going to happen. :) ~Anj

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Hey Anj, one little tip that might be helpful--when you have part of your painting done and really like it, spray a bit of the Krylon matte on it. That way if you don't like a leaf or filler flower you paint later--you can just wipe it away and it won't mess up the part underneath that you sprayed. ;o) Luvs

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Thanks, I will remember that. Thought I might get started today, but alas it's picture day at school tomorrow and have to go find a co-ordinating shirt for DD and grocery shopping. Maybe tomorrow afternoon after I take my 2 yr old for her picture. It should be 70 and sunny!! ~Anj

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Ahhh! School picture days--that brings back memories. Any of yours trimmed their own hair with the scissors lately? I think most of us have pics like that from our childhoods! LOL

Is your slate going to be one you walk on? Sounds to big to hang it. I can hardly wait to see it. ;o)


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Thankfully none of them have done that yet.....knock on wood! I never cut my own hair, but my dollies sure did suffer. ha My DD's friend was teasing my 9 yr old the other day and made him fall down and he has a nice sized goose egg on his forehead, but it's almost gone and hopefully won't be too noticable in the picture. They usually find a way to get some kind of scrape, bump or bruise or lose a tooth right before picture day. My 7 yr old's 2 front teeth are loose and I told him to quit messing with them until after pictures. ha Perfectionist mommy for you. ha

The slate is not that big, but it is pretty heavy. I think it will just stand up in my flower bed. I guess I'm calling it the right thing. It's a flat rock from our back patio that got tore up from a tree falling. Somebody else called it slate so I guess I assumed they knew what they were talking about. ha Maybe you can tell me when I post the pic.

I'm just now eating lunch and waiting for the kids to get home so I can hit the road again. If my battery is finally charged for my camera I may have one pic to post. Somebody unplugged it the other day before it charged. :( ~Anj

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hi luvs
the job you done on the suite case is so good . i love the way the pink flowers really stands out and has so much charm that only a lady could come up with. for your first attempt it looks amazing and puts my effort on roses in the pale. lol .i may have many on some of my items but quality of yours will always outshine quantity. cant wait for the matching luggage. lol . steve

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Hi Steve, this was my first suitcase, but not my first roses. I spent hours pouring through the Donna Dewberry One Stroke books and videos and the practicing doing the rose. Mine is not perfect, but I'm just pleased to finally be able to paint one. For awhile, I was painting them on all kinds of things--metal trays, garden signs, over the door plaques, flowerpots, etc. Glad you enjoyed looking at them. Luvs

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OMG luvs... the suitcase is beautiful! l love the way you paint the roses, i also love the background shade you did! nice work!

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Oh, I see you found one of my rose projects! Glad you liked this, I was trying to sort of use the one stroke rose and "soften" it a bit. I ordered a cd from ebay by The Shabby Cottage and she does wonderful soft fluffy roses, so I'm trying to learn her style too. That's where I got the "slip slap" painting idea for the background on this one. I really enjoy painting the roses, and have bought several metal trays from the TS that I hope to get painted with roses some day. I'd love to see any you have painted too if you have pictures. Luvs

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